Wondo Genet – AuditoriumArte

Invernomuto, Nocturnal performance, Marsèlleria, Milan, 2014.


Opening on Thursday 23 April at 7pm is Invernomuto‘s exhibition Wondo Genet curated by Anna Cestelli Guidi and Manuela Pacella at AuditoriumArte in Rome.

The exhibition of Invernomuto is the sixth round of the exhibition project of the Fondazione Musica per Roma dedicated to the art of sound: One Space / One Sound. Invernomuto presents the environmental installation Wondo Genet – shown for the first time at Marsèlleria (Milan) and now reworked for the AuditoriumArte space – and the work Negus – Remembering a Night in Sasha, consisting of a video and three drawings.

Wondo Genet (2014), in Amharic “heaven on earth” is a place in Ethiopia, near Shashamane, considered sacred by the Rastafarian religion. The title of the installation plays on the ambiguity of the term, which certainly makes reference to Eden, but also it referso to a well-known thermal site in Ethiopia, thanks to the presence of natural sources of hot water.

Negus – Remembering a Night in Shasha (2014) is a video in which Invernomuto seeks to give substance to the rarefied memories of a night spent in the Rastafarian community of Shashamane, Ethiopia, while a designer of identikit asks them some questions in order to outline on paper the faces and the facts that occurred. The three drawings made during the shooting are on display, along with the video, in a soft and deliberately subjective atmosphere.

The works mark two different phases of the project Negus, started in 2011 and still in progress, consisting of multimedia installations, video, and other objects and sculptures which are in turn correlated in a game of continuous visual and auditory references in settings where sound plays a fundamental role.

Invernomuto, Negus, 2014, video still.


Invernomuto, Remembering a Night in Shasha, 2014, video still.


AuditoriumArte – Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30, Rome
Opening 23 April at 7pm – 10 May 2015