Fronterizo – LIVE ARTS WEEK

NERO is excited to announce visual artist Luca Trevisani and the group mk‘s project Fronterizo, taking place this Friday and Saturday as part of the fourth edition of  Live Arts Week in Bologna presented by Xing. The Live Arts Week program offers a calendar of live works (performances, environments, concerts, expanded cinema and live media with unique dates, productions and previews) presented by important personalities in the international and contemporary research scene.

Fronterizo is an environment in constant flux, a playing field with occasional peaks in intensity, that can take the shape of a conference room, a science showcase or a choreographic plateau. Fronterizo is a project developed by the visual artist Luca Trevisani and the group mk, in collaboration with the geographer Franco Farinelli, the musician Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, the duo Sigourney Weaver and the dancer Roberta Mosca. It has been shaped as an open lab, the crossroads between two evolving projects whose aims and obsessions it shares: a film shot by Luca Trevisani in 2015 and a performance by mk that will retroactively compact the choreographies developed in the different sessions of the project. The performing posture of Fronterizo conceives of space in a topological manner, that is, from within. Thus it shies away from defining borders, giving the properties of intersection and juxtaposition to all that is spatial. In order to fully understand Fronterizo, the hierarchy among the senses that we consider indisputable must be questioned: acoustic space comes before central perspective, and the world of touch overturns the primary role of sight. The landscape is not the realm of the picturesque, the pastoral or the sublime, but a space for study, where tensions are measured. The choreographic investigation explores matters linked to nearness, to superficial communication, to microclimate, to the permeability of membranes, to volumetric incongruence and to the impossibility of reducing a sphere to a plane.

mk is a formation based in Rome focused on choreography and performance. Since 1999 it has been engaged with distinctive international festivals for new dance and theatre. The group has developed over the years an inquiry into the ambiguity of bodily states and their alterations, through different formats and collaborations. Currently interested in building prototypes of temporary habitats, with Fronterizo (Bologna) and SUB (Milan) in 2015 it opens a season centered on environmental projects, with interlocking and overlapping collaborations, also declined in formats such as Piattaforma della danza balinese (Santarcangelo) and Tropici (Rome). Recently mk received commissions from the Dance Biennale in Venice, Korean National Contemporary Dance Company and Aterballetto. In 2014, Michele Di Stefano is awarded  with the Silver Lion for innovation in dance at the 9th International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Venice.

Luca Trevisani is one of the young Italian artists who came to prominence on an international level. In addition to awards and exhibitions in major art centers and museums, he has published The effort Took its tools (Argobooks 2008), Luca Trevisani (Silvana Editoriale 2009), The Art of Folding for young and old (Cura 2012) and Water Ikebana (Humboldt Books 2014). Glaucocamaleo (2013), presented at the Roma film festival, it’s his first feature film. His research ranges between sculpture and video, and cross border disciplines such as performing arts, graphics, design, experimental cinema or architecture. In his installations the historic features of the sculpture are questioned and even subverted. The instability is a characteristic of his work, a developmental status magnetic and mutant that expands and contracts without stopping the boundaries between each element of the work and the environment, which now becomes irradiated, now undisputed.

Roberta Mosca, choreographer, dancer, performer, studied and worked at the School of Dance Teatro alla Scala Milan, John Skull Schule Stuttgart, Vienna State Opera, Leipzig Opera, Aterballetto, Maggio Fiorentino, and danced for many years with the Frankfurt Ballet and the Forsythe Company. Recently she has also collaborated as a free-lance with dance groups including MAMAZA, mk, espz and choreographers as Laurent Chetouane. In 2003 she created in collaboration with Cora Bos Kroese Biarteca an interdisciplinary festival at Valle Cervo (BI), which in 2014 reached its XI edition.

Franco Farinelli taught geography for years in Geneva, Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley, and in Paris at the Sorbonne and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He is currently professor and director of the Department of Philosophy and Communication at the University of Bologna, and President of the Italian Geographers Association. Among his books: Pour une théorie générale de la géographie (Dip. Geografia Ginevra 1988); I segni del mondo. Discorso geografico ed immagine cartografica in età moderna (La Nuova Italia 1992); Geografia. Un’introduzione ai modelli del mondo (Einaudi 2003), La Crisi della ragione cartografica (Einaudi 2009).

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch is a composer and a performer working on new electro–acoustic sounds. He composed music for live performances, albums, installations, theater, dance and received commissions from institutions such as Groupe de Recherche Musical (GRM), Biennale di Venezia, Opera of Gothenburg, Ballet National de Marseille, Santarcangelo Festival, Roma Europa, Ater Balletto. He performed worldwide in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, USA. Besides the collaboration with mk and other artists, he makes research at Ircam/Centre Pompidou in Paris, where he currently lives and works. Since 2004 he is also a lecturer in multimedia composition at Franche-Comté University in France, and teaches at the conservatory of Montbeliard, France.

Sigourney Weaver is a duo formed by Daniela Cattivelli and Biagio Caravano, individually active for years on the Italian and international art scene with various projects. Biagio Caravano is one of the founders of mk, Daniela Cattivelli is co-founder of Mylicon/en, experimental duo researching on new interactive formats in the audio/video live. Sigourney Weaver creates layering of sounds following a sort of score of gestures/actions which could support a thick rhythmic grid.


Friday 24 April at 7 pm-12 am
Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini (sala elle)

mk/Luca Trevisani/Franco Farinelli/Roberta Mosca/Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (I)

FRONTERIZO I. the melograno session

Franco Farinelli – il discorso del cerchio

mk – olympic swimmers from Nigeria

Roberta Mosca – SUB I

Saturday 25 April at 7 pm-12 am
Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini (sala elle)

mk/Luca Trevisani/Roberta Mosca/Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch/Sigourney Weaver (I)

FRONTERIZO II. the melograno session

mk/Luca Trevisani – gabinetto alchemico

Sigourney Weaver – hey

Roberta Mosca – SUB II