Performance Proletarians – Live Video Streaming

NERO is excited to announce the live video streaming of Performance Proletariats happening NOW from 8am–12am. In 2008, in his book On Surplus Value In Art (Witte de With Publishings, Sternberg Press, 2010) Diederich Diederichsen coined the term “performance proletarians” to describe a specific “creative class” emerged under the new technological conditions of production and circulation of artistic content.

Performance proletarians!!! Join the continuous broadcast post-media bullshit and change today!!! Free of charge!!!

The labour of this class, Diederichsen writes, is both de-regulated and de-professionalized. It functions not so much as a working force but as a life force, displaying the products of its creative activity as a continuous stream of energy, agility, charm, and talent. Needless to say these products are not defined by their originality, but on the contrary by their repetitive endorsement of existing performance patterns and the endless reconstruction of multiple identities. They are interchangeable and mutable, and easily adapt to the various predetermined formats they aim to fit in.

With these two anchor points, spanning over four decades: from the beginnings of the use of personal cameras to the generalization of internet related methods of performing, Benjamin Valenza and Lili Reynaud Dewar’s program “performance proletarians!!! Join us!” wishes to explore the relations between performance and technology, more specifically the technologies of entertainment. The point is not so much to think about the conservation aspects of performance – in its relation to documentation and recording – but on the contrary to think about performance in terms of its circulation, broadcasting and immediate release. Through this window, Benjamin Valenza and  Lili Reynaud Dewar aim to help resurface the various role play and identities generated by such methodological choices, and to focus primarily on the use of a very energetic body as a tool for media exposure.

Benjamin Valenza and  Lili Reynaud Dewar gather a group of artists and speakers from different generations, who have blurred the boundaries between film, video, performance, live music and television, and who have combined various media in order to produce work that is aspiring to both challenge and integrate the mass media protocols, its stereotypes and its promise of creative freedom and democratization.
The Istituto Svizzero will host a studio for the performances to take place and be broadcasted. The program is transmitted live on a dedicated internet channel.

Benjamin Valenza and Lili Reynaud-Dewar will assemble and mix these videos and performances, live. Their students from HEAD Geneva and EBABX Bordeaux will be given cameras and will take the responsibility for filming the event continually during 15 hours, on 11 May 2015 at 8am–12am.
This studio will be semi-private, accessible only to the participants in the project. The audience will be sitting behind their computer in their home, favorite bar, or somewhere else.

The roman episode includes the special participation of:

Cesare Pietroiusti, Alexander Hempel e Tobias Kaspar, Benjamin Valenza, Gina Folly, Anne Le Troter, Cadeo, Alvin Curran, Mike Cooper, Joanne Burke & Emiliano Maggi, Haydee, Cepren Synth, Barbara Braccini, Alice Fournier, Léa Meier, Diego De Atucha, Etienne Chosson, Andrea Nucamendi, Sarah Sandler, Sarah Margnetti, Coline Mir, Naim Bytyqi, Ngoc Ngo Rioufol, Sara Sadik, Silent stream corporation

and video contributions by:

Coralie Rouet, Spegnila Tv, Hannah Weinberger, Aldo Tambellini, Luigi Ontani, Cinico Tv, Olivia Dunbar, Dorothee Dupuis & La Start-Up, Hadley And Maxwell, Christian Faelsnes, Emy Chauveau, Niku Alex Muçai, Guillaume Pilet, Deniz Unal, Hugo Canoilas, Nastasia Meyrat, Chloé Delarue, Lou Masduraud, Alvin Curran …