Resort Mirage – Operativa Arte Contemporanea

On Thursday 14 May at 7pm opens Resort Mirage, the sound installation created by Matteo Nasini for the second round of Due o Tre cose che Piacciono a Me at Operativa Arte Contemporanea in Rome. An organ hit by an air current stands in the centre of the gallery, transforming the space into one fluid and immersive sound environment. The notes generated by the installation create a dense and lofty sound surface, consisting of a chorus of different voices. A polyphony able to project the viewer into an immersive experience made of alien and dream-like sonority.

With Resort Mirage the gallery inaugurates the second round of Due o Tre cose che Piacciono a Me, three presentations of three individual works a short distance form each other that will occupy the entire spring schedule. An attempt to show three incredible works, that for their uniqueness and museum scope seem incredibly to demonstrate the whole sense of the artist’s research. Trying to overcome in a dynamic and timing way, expectations and demands of what we call a “solo exhibition.”

The artistic research of Matteo Nasini (born 1976) starts from the study of sound, materializing in physical forms that observe and analyse in depth the surface of sound and plastic matter. From this he derives a vision of reality both lucid and poetic, that methodologically manifests in sound installations, audio-visual works and sculptures. Among his major exhibitions: La scrittura degli Echi curated by NERO, Maxxi, Roma (2015); Sleepy Night, Ermes at The Gallery Apart (2014); Trust, Vita Vel Regula curated by Michele D’Aurizo, Fluxia, Milan (2014); Re-generation curated by Ilaria Gianni and Maria Alicata, MACRO, Rome (2012); Smeared with the gold of the opulent sun curated by Chris Sharp, Nomas Foundation, Rome (2012); When in Rome, curated by Luca Lo Pinto and Valerio Mannucci, Italian Institute of Culture, Los Angeles (2011).

Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Via del Consolato 10, Roma
Opening 14 May 7pm – 8 June 2015