IN FACT AND IN FICTION – Manuel Scano Larrazàbal

On Saturday 16 May IN FACT AND IN FICTION will present TRINKI PILINKI, a project by Manuel Scano Larrazàbal, on occasion of his residency program in the new temporary space of IN FACT AND IN FICTION in Brescia. The residency is taking place from 20 April – 20 June and is divided into two project phases.

For the first phase on 16 May the gallery will host the presentation of a new series of unpublished works created during the initial period of stay. In the evening, starting from 8pm, inside the exhibition halls, music performances by Jung an Tagen (Austria), Eric Arn (Austria) and Arbre du Ténéré (Italy) will follow.

On 20 & 27 May, Manuel Scano Larrazábal will lead an educational workshop for the students of the Liceo Artistico Maffeo Olivieri (Brescia), curated by IN FACT AND IN FICTION, with the support of Professor Paola Sabatti; the workshop will focus on the idea of drawing, introducing the students to the concept of “abstraction.”

This will be followed by the second project phase, open to the public, in which the artist will continue to investigate the space as a place for research and production.

On 16 June for the closing of the exhibition, IN FACT AND IN FICTION will stage the music performance by Jack Name (Los Angeles).

Reflecting upon the automatism of daily activities and re-using the same materials until they exhaust themselves, Manuel Scano or Manue Larrazábal or better Manuel Scano Larrazábal, redefines his own routines and, as a result, the conformation of his work, reflecting on the sense of belonging, on the displacement of the subject and on its contradictory destiny.

Chance/error divert the will in order to create something new and unexpected, as well as to rationally direct the action towards the inexorable randomness of becoming.

Forgetting, in turn, part of the work process, Manuel Scano attempts to fall into an endless wonder-effect that leaves open the possibility of unexpected developments in the expression of matter.

The final composition is presented as the story of small abstract events that unintentionally narrate non-(or almost)-existent landscapes.

The ambition to return to a ‘folklore’ of the gesture in order to bring out its deepest and most archaic nature, in an observation about the identification of the ‘self’. An interest that resulted from the high-instability of the artist’s personal experience characterized by the lack of roots, from an identity shaped with no specific cultural references.

“Folklore, therefore, not as something exotic, but as an expression of a wise culture which has found its source of harmony.” Victoria Santa Cruz

Manuel Scano Larrazàbal was born in Padua in 1981 to a Venezuelan mother and Sardinian father. He spent his childhood in Caracas from 1983 to 1992 before returning to Italy along with his family after the coup of Hugo Chavez. In Italy he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera and continued his learning process by installing stands for various galleries and participating in workshops with international artists and curators including the Fondazione Spinola Banna and the Fondazione Antonio Ratti. In November 2011, in Turin, he took part in a one-week cohabitation planed by Roberto Cuoghi and Gian Antonio Gilli.

Among personal exhibitions: 2013, Man Uel Larr Az bal S Can!O, Room Gallery, Milan; 2012, Cleo Fariselli/Manuel Larrazàbal, CRIPTA747, Turin; 2011, Mirror project n°2, Barriera, Turin. Among collective exhibitions: 2014, Basti che non si sassi in giro, Fondazione per l’Arte, Rome, Contromichael, Museo dell’Alto Garda Arco with MART, Arco; The Remains of the Day, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno; Corso Aperto, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como; 2013, Arimortis, Museo del 900, Milan; T-A-X-I, Almanac, London; 2012, RECORD, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Venice; 2011, Posso errare, ma non di core, GC. AC, Monfalcone; 2010, Certo sentimento,Turin; SI Sindrome italiana, Le Magasin, Grenoble.

IN FACT AND IN FICTION – via Moretto 14, Brescia