A night with Marshall McLuhan – Theca Gallery

Marco Mendeni, r_lightTweakSunlight (machinima, AVI, 32.24minutes, 2013), Intallation at Theca Gallery Milano 2015


Theca Gallery presents the special event a night with Marshall McLuhan dedicated to the video artworks realized by Marco Mendeni and exposed during his solo show, NO NAME” [that’s the way the cookie crumbles] opened 30 April. The event shows two genres of video: firstly, r_lightTweakSunlight (machinima, AVI, 32.24minutes, 2013) that will be projected on the wall of the room; secondly, r_lightTweakSunlight_Drone (machinima, AVI, loop, 2013) on iPad and LCD video, available independently through a pair of headphones.

The two videos share the presence of the simulated war and the digital sea realized by the artist through the CryEngine, a precise kind of game engine. In r_ lightTweakSunlight the voice of the Canadian sociologist Marshall McLuhan recorded from the talk shows broadcasted during the ‘60s spreads above the digital sea, whereas in r_lightTweakSunlight_Drone the artist combines the real sound of American drones moving above the sky of the Afghan region during the war and bombings occurring in the last decades.

The room next to the projecting area presents a number of material artworks by Marco Mendeni: they reproduce MOD of the avatars of DayZ, the online videogame set right in the conflictual area in Middle East. In accordance with the special event a night with Marshall McLuhan, the installation called http://www.google/search? now made of three elements, will be enriched with new steles reproducing the location bars of the online web pages most clicked by the contemporary society.

Theca Gallery is a contemporary art gallery investigating the topic of “stratification” through its shows and publications. The concept of “stratification” refers to the material, conceptual and mnemonic aspect of the term. The gallery favours site-specific shows and installations. Among the artists represented by the gallery: Federico de Leonardis, Jonathan Guaitamacchi, Mohsen Taasha Wahidi, Ohya Masaaki, Marco Mendeni, Carlo Buzzi, Orna Zahara Kazemi, Fabrizio Parachini, Aja Von Loper, Christiane Beer, Elena Modorati, Elisabeth Scherffig.

Marco Mendeni works with New Media, conceiving video as a research tool to experiment the contamination among substance and computer animation. The focus of his work is to investigate the process that transforms the video game into a social medium. He realised important expositions in Europe, USA and Brasil.

Marco Mendeni, r lightTweakSunlight (machinima AVI, 32.24minuti, 2013), Courtesy the Gallery and the artist, 2015


Theca Gallery – Via Tadino 22, Milan
21 May at 7pm 2015