Silks – Eastside Projects

Samara Scott’s first solo-show in a public gallery, Silks, rips up and ruptures the floor to create an irrepressible, erotic topography of consumer products. Eastside Projects have commissioned the London based artist to develop an ambitious new body of work and the largest project she has undertaken to date.

Scott’s exotically prosaic worlds of poured and pooled misused materials – household chemicals, soft drinks, toilet paper, scented waxes, noodles, eye shadow and toothpaste – cascade, smear and mould into an archipelago of voids cut into the concrete of Eastside Projects. Liquid surfaces cling to the floor existing as moist films, laminations and horizontal screens.

Scott’s artworks contain all passages of what follows the first contact of the consumer experience, from the touch to mastication to assimilation and finally dispersal. Her works appear to have been spontaneously configured, slipping between infusions of nature and artificial imitation, antiquity and plasticity, synthetic import and organic craft class.

The title Silks suggests an idea of movement, touching and indirect skins, reflecting the artist’s urge to make tangible the bodily, gastric veneers of our digital and chemical realities. Scott’s transformative mirroring of language and materials is typical of her never typical artworks that slither and dance around the edge of seduction and consumption.

Samara Scott was born in London in 1984, and currently lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include: Harvest, The Sunday Painter, London (2014); High Street, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2014); Baggy, MARS!, Munich, (2014); Cd0xdsspi, Rowing Projects, London, (2013); Cascading Style Sheets, Peckham Palazzo, Venice Biennale (2013).

Eastside Projects makes art public and is based in a free public gallery in Digbeth that is being imagined and organized by artists, in partnership with Birmingham City University. Eastside Projects commissionins, produces and presents contemporary art and demonstrates ways in which art may be useful as part of society.

Eastside Projects – 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham
16 May – 11 July 2015