Courtesy the artist


Nomas Foundation presents MOUNTAINTOP WATERDROP, an exhibition project by Gianni Politi (Rome, 1986), an ideal continuation of the show Tra queste sale (malandrino), exhibition recently hosted at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna of Rome. 

MOUNTAINTOP WATERDROP alludes to the artist’s practice, specifically focusing on its physical and emotional aspects. Gianni Politi’s works – metaphorically inspired by the story of the cycle of the water drop, narrated to Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Casey Affleck’s movie I’m still here – reflects upon the theme of the re-birth from the bottom: as the drops after touching the floor evaporate towards the sky, the fragments of Politi’s destroyed canvases gain value when from the floor they reach the walls.

The artist positions himself in the flow of a new History of Painting that starts with the overcoming of failure, “I kept on looking at the debris accumulated on the floor on my studio, which were the result of a failed yet never interrupted practice. At a certain point I started to elaborate the technique that led to the formal constitution of this series of works: works that deal with experiences and recoveries, packed with important information”, says Politi.

In MOUNTAINTOP WATERDROP large canvases composed of the fragments of destroyed works, exiled for more than a year in the artist’s studio, are reconfigured and brought back to life. Abstract forms become references to a modern Art History wholly Italian, studied, appreciated, interpreted and re-established by Gianni Politi. The spectator consequently finds himself in a tangible present where the past seems poetically evoked.

MOUNTAINTOP WATERDROP will also have a narrative form. The exhibition will be recounted by the voices of two masters of Italian painting, Enzo Cucchi (Morro d’Alba, Ancona, 1949) and Giuseppe Gallo (Rogliano, Cosenza, 1954).
The two artists will illustrate the displayed works connecting them to their experience as painters, to an Italian Art History and to their relationship with Gianni Politi. The two recorded tours will give the visitor the possibility to choose the narrator by whom to be led.

Gianni Politi (Rome, 1986) lives and works in Rome.

Solo exhibitions (selection): Tra queste sale, GNAM – Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, 2014; Giovane pittore romano, Italian Institute of Culture, Prague; NADA Italian male painter, Pier 36, Basketball City, New York, 2014; From the studio (Nightrider), CO2, Rome, 2013; Le cose non saranno mai più come prima, Palazzo Collicola arti visive, Spoleto, 2011.

Group exhibitions (selection): Intruders, 56. Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2015; La scrittura degli echi, MAXXI, Rome, 2015; Club of matinee idoiz, CO2, Turin, 2015; Tropical, YIA – Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, 2014; 1+1 = 3 Una storia d’amore, 2014; Display – Mediatig Landscape, Sala Murat, Bari, 2014; La XIII luna, Furini arte contemporanea, Arezzo, 2014; Il rituale del serpente, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, 2013; The cock-crow, CO2, Turin, 2013; Artissima 20, Oval Lingotto, Turin, 2013; Yellowing of the lunar consciousness, Galleria Massimo De Luca, Mestre, 2013; Re-generation, MACRO, Rome, 2012; Su nero nero / Over black black, Castello di Rivara, Turin, 2011.

Nomas Foundation – Viale Somalia, 33, Rome
Opening 27 May at 6:30pm – 18 September 2015