GRANPALAZZO – Institution of Palazzo Rospigliosi


The exceptional fifteenth-century venue of Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo, in the Roman countryside, will be the setting of GRANPALAZZO, an exhibition event and intense contemporary art weekend taking place on Saturday & Sunday 30-31 May 2015. Conceived by Paola Capata, Delfo Durante, Ilaria Gianni, and Federica Schiavo, for its first edition, GRANPALAZZO presents the works of 18 artists supported by 18 of the most dynamic and interesting galleries coming from the Italian and International art scene, a performance programme curated by Ilaria Gianni, and a series of special projects.

As a first attempt of an event developed outside the usual contemporary art appointments, GRANPALAZZO will take place in an intimate and relaxing dimension, which aims to encourage an authentic dialogue between artists, the audience and art professionals. The goal of the organizing team is to emphasize the quality of the artistic discourse in the contemporary sphere by focusing on a small amount of artists and their related galleries, whose practices stand out in terms of high-level curatorship, effective scouting, and the creation of an independent market.

Coming from Italy, Algeria, Argentina, Croatia, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Moldavia, Poland, Portugal, the U.S., and Switzerland, the artists will show their works – some of which have been specifically produced and others re-thought in their display – in a narrative path articulated throughout the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Rospigliosi, suggesting a dialogue between different poetics, styles, and artistic approaches.

“For the first edition of GRANPALAZZO, we chose among some of the most interesting, serious, and consistent artists in the contemporary art scene” says Ilaria Gianni. “The challenge of the project,” she goes on, “is to create a bridge between epochs: a respectful, reciprocal relationship between the art of the past, represented by the aristocratic Palazzo Rospigliosi, with its architecture, its frescoed decorations illustrating the history of the families that have inhabited it – and consequently narrating a portion of Italy’s artistic and political history – and the interpretation of the present through the contemporary. In order to create an innovative, pertinent dialogue with the complex program of the Palazzo, the artists have been invited to interact with the site, and to explore the artistic repertoire of the country by presenting ambitious and specifically conceived installations for its rooms. In this way, forms, points of view, visual interpretations of the present will coexist with a tangible history, developing a dimension which calls into question the viewer and his space-and-time perception.”

Built during the 16th century by the Colonna family – protagonist of the Reinassance and Baroque in Rome – and after purchased by the Rospigliosi Pallavicini family, the building houses wonderful, unique works, including frescoes and grotesques in an excellent state of preservation. Beside the exhibition the building will host a series of performances and special projects specifically developed for the occasion.


GIORGIO ANDREOTTA CALÒ supported by Zero…, Milano
ERIC BAINBRIDGE supported by Workplace, Gateshead/London
RICCARDO BARUZZI supported by P420, Bologna
VANESSA BILLY supported by BolteLang, Zurich
ERNESTO BURGOS supported by The Goma, Madrid
HUGO CANOILAS supported by Collicaligreggi, Catania
MAXIM LIULCA supported by SpazioA, Pistoia
MARIA LOBODA supported by Maisterravalbuena, Madrid
MOHAMED NAMOU supported by mor charpentier, Paris/Bogotà
NICK OBERTHALER supported by Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam
DAMIR O K O supported by Tiziana Di Caro, Napoli
AMALIA PICA supported by Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam
BENEDETTO PIETROMARCHI supported by Josh Lilley, London
SASCHA POHLE supported by Weingrüll, Karlsruhe
WILFREDO PRIETO supported by NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona/Madrid
MATEUSZ SADOWSKI supported by Stereo, Warsaw
SAMARA SCOTT supported by Ermes, nomad gallery
MARGO WOLOWIEC supported by Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles


The performance programme will involve some the artists included in the exhibition. The Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto will present The Battle of Shadows, a lyrical reading of a boxing match, experienced through the vision of the deformed shadows of its protagonist. In Braccio di Lettura, Riccardo Baruzzi will reveal the sound- qualities of sculpture, creating a polyrhythmic composition with musical instruments realized by himself. Wearing the shoes of his alter-ego “Jeffrey,” a sixty-year-old hippy, Hugo Canolias in Sinhô Elias meditates on the multitude of the self, performing a monologue between the prophetic and the poetic, between the magical and critical. Drawing from the experience of the ‘Bread and Puppet Theatre,’ meditating on a rehabilitation of the concept of ‘direct work,’ and on the collective neutralization of the responsibility of the single, Tomaso De Luca presents Declaration of Independence from the Tyranny of Consciousness, a parade of large painted figures connecting GRANPALAZZO’s venue with Zagarolo’s Farmers Market. Tomaso De Luca’s project is realized with the support of OnFair.


The contemporary cultural agency and publishing house NERO – in collaboration with Max Renkel, artist, and Giuseppe Garrera, art collector and art history professor – presents Roma 2000-2015, an exhibition project celebrating the city through the invites of the most representative exhibitions that took place in Rome during the past fifteen years. A so-called ‘exhibition of exhibitions’ following a trace that is, in most cases per se, a piece of art.

The curatorial and editorial platform CURA. presents an installation by the artist Paolo Canevari. Investigating the most intimate aspects of a person in relation to an artwork, Canevari will work on the idea of knowledge, its transmission and its communication, focusing on the concept of identity.

Lulu, lively art platform from Mexico City, will present a series of videos by the French-Italian artists Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci.

Based in Barcelona, the non-profit art space The Green Parrot presents On n’a rien pour, a performance by Oriol Vilanova about the tricks and shrewdness of the picaresque anti-hero. In flea markets, as in art fairs, the buyers seek to get the best price, whereas the sellers, on their regard, the highest profit. The result is: failure.

FIND – Foundation India-Europe for New Dialogues, centre for the study and the promotion of artistic and cultural dialogue with India, based in Zagarolo at Colle Labirinto, in the former residence of the Indologist and musicologist Alain Danielou, whose archive it conserves and promotes, has organized with GRANPALAZZO a talk entitled Journey as a Space of Creation, between the artist Luigi Ontani and writer Emanuele Trevi, which will take place on 31 May at Palazzo Rospigliosi. From 31 May FIND will host at Villa Labrinto a series of photographic works conceived in India by Ontani that will be, on this occasion, in relation to the spaces inhabited by Danielou himself. The artist’s works will be visible until the “Festival of Indian Culture SummerMela” which will happen in Rome and Zagarolo on 18-27 June 2015.

ARTBEAT designs, manufactures and distributes unique and innovative products in collaboration with the great masters of contemporary art and young talents.
This is how original and exclusive collaborations created by the irrepressible expressive of individual artists are born: different languages take shape in unique items that become real must design. From 30 Saturday to 31 Sunday ARTBEAT supports the new art exhibition Granpalazzo.
In a new context and research, ARTBEAT is part of this appointment because it believes in the importance of promoting art and to expand it to a wider and new audience, careful to a very lasting development of the artistic research.

Waiting for the first edition of GRANPALAZZO the backstage of the project can be followed on ATP Diary, official partner of GRANPALAZZO 2015. From May the web platform will offer anticipations, insights on the works, on the participating artists, on the curated programmes and on the project spaces involved in the event.

Artsy, the leading resource for learning about and collecting art, is the Exclusive Online Partner of GRANPALAZZO. The GRANPALAZZO preview will be online starting on 29 May. Artsy provides free access via its website ( and iPhone app to 250,000 images of art and architecture by 40,000 artists, comprising the world’s largest online database of contemporary art. Powered by The Art Genome Project, a classification system that maps the connections between artists and artworks, Artsy fosters new generations of art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, and collectors, including those who might not be able to make it to Italy.

GRANPALAZZO 2015 is realized in collaboration with the prestigious Institution of Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo.

GRANPALAZZO 2015 would like to thank FIND (Foundation Indian-Europe for New Dialogues) for its valuable contribution.

NERO, Roma 2000-2015


Damir Ocko


Ernesto Burgos, Installation view, 2014


Maxim Liulca, Untitled


Nick Oberthaler, Untitled (touching sky), 2012


Sascha Pohle


Tomaso De Luca, Intruders


Vanessa Billy, Bolte Lang


Institution of Palazzo Rospigliosi – Piazza Indipendenza 6, Zagarolo
Opening Saturday 30 May from 10am to 8pm – Sunday 31 May from 10am to 7pm
Free entrance