Daisyworld – Operativa Arte Contemporanea

Opening tomorrow, Friday 12 June at 7pm, is the exhibition Daisyworld created by Enrico Boccioletti and curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva for the third and last round of Due o Tre cose che Piacciono a Me at Operativa Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

Pressure is a privilege.

“If the Wolf and the Goddess work together they will have a behaviour of love and compassion. If the Wolf and Satan work together then aggression and anger is the model of behaviour that will be generated.”

The gallery space will be reconfigured into a forced ecosystem, a narrative environment both ambiguous and sci-fi. I would like to invite the visitor to feel like a user, an active and necessary part of the system, which in turn is deliberately open. The environment, as a performative device, will be prepared to trigger an alternating involvement, both sensory and physical as well as imaginary and mental.

What’s exciting in the mixture of psychology, esotericism and the absurdity that arises from the reverse analysis of the interviews of those who claim to have undergone alien abduction experiences (kidnapped by non terrestrial forms), just like the initial quote that opens this text, is the esoteric and neo-medievalist density that is part of a number of contemporary social layers, whose existence is often denied in the name of transparency, the digital “data-cloud” and pseudo-realist thought.

I continued, while preparing this work, to think about the use of solid state CO2 – carbon dioxide at -78° C solidifies for sublimation and is commonly known as “dry ice”– together with whey protein powder, massively used in body-building, but also part of a survivalist narrative, for their characteristics as food: agile and immediate consume under the limit of survival or post-catastrophic – therefor they are also used as a source of military support.

Speaking of “possibility,” storytelling, reality and urban legend, I think about the imaginary linked to the colonization of Mars (whose atmosphere is composed of 95% of CO2), with initiatives such as Mars One (http://www.mars-one.com/), which from my point of view vortically include all levels of this discourse, through scientific research, science fiction, (post) colonial exploitation and almost ridiculous, odd fantasies. Taking us on a much more concrete plane, solid state carbon dioxide is implicated in a variety of applications that silently make our lifestyle sustainable: from the CPU and GPU cooler in overclocking conditions to food transport, up to the storage of medicinal products and to the use of “special effects” in nightclubs or theatres.

I am very interested in this fiction: a narration in which most of the scopes can take a drift of pure fantasy opening to greater “freedom.” Similar to ayahuasca or MDMA. It is necessary to leave the backdoor half open so that a dangerous condition can (or cannot) break in, or at least accept that the boring condition of “safety” and civilization, which seems to have always been there and to last forever, is a laughably part-time state of things.

Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Via del Consolato 10, Roma
Opening 12 June at 7pm – 8 July 2015