L’OMBRA DELLA LUCE at Casino Nobile: A visual/acoustic installation developed by artist Nasan Tur

For a long period of time, Nasan Tur has focussed his research on the power of political speeches and how they are presented. Composition, rhythm, emphasis.  Also the way how they were and are broadcasted into the world over television, internet, and radio. Using classical music that finds its roots in political speeches, the beauty becomes riddled with cracks and breaks.

Related to these researches is L´OMBRA DELLA LUCE curarted by Pier Paolo Pancotto. In 2014, during his stay in Rome, Nasan Tur moved often to Villa Torlonia, captured by the beauty and history of the architectural complex. Back in Germany, he developed this experience into a visual/acoustic installation, L´OMBRA DELLA LUCE, intended for the ground floor, first floor and bunker of the Casino Nobile in Rome.

This site specific project consists in an audio translation of some speeches by Benito Mussolini (who lived in the house from 1925 to 1943) to reflect on the ability of expression and communication that the voice, especially that of people with a strong personality, can embody. L´OMBRA DELLA LUCE, in this sense, is one of a series of installations, designed to be developed in the future. The work can be considered as an approach to reveal the complex function of political speeches and their impact on people in a loaded historical enviorment. The performance of the song is also the central subject of a video shot in the same setting that inspired the piece.

Pier Paolo Pancotto

Nasan Tur was born in Offenbach, Germany (1974) and currently lives and works in Berlin. Solo exhibitions (selection): The Hague, WEST (2015); London, Blain|Southern (2015); Wien, Kunsthaus Wien (2015); Innsbruck, Kunstraum Innsbruck (2014); Moen, Kunsthal 44 (2014); Berlin, Blain|Southern (2013); Berlin, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (2013); Mannheim, Kunsthalle Mannheim (2011); Stuttgart, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (2009). Group exhibitions (selection): Paris, Palais de Tokyo (2015); Paris, Centre Pompidou (2015); Kiel, Kunsthalle Kiel, (2015); Berlin, Martin-Gropius-Bau (2014); Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, (2013); Linz, Lentos Kunstmuseum (2013); Guangzhou, Times Museum (2013); Istanbul, Museum of Modern Art (2013); London, Whitechapel Gallery (2013); Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (2012); London, A Foundation (2010); Vienna, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (2010); Frankfurt, Schirn Kunsthalle (2009); Ljubljana , 28th Biennale of Graphic Arts Ljubljan (2009); SCAPE Biennial, Christchurch, Biennial of art in public space (2008); Taipei, 6th Taipei Biennial (2008) and 10th Istanbul Biennial, (2007).

A special thanks to:
Centro Ricerche Musicali, Laura Bianchini, Gabriele Kreuter-LenzMichelangelo Lupone, Marco Palmieri, Walter Cianciusi, Mauro della Valle and Ede Müller.

Musei di Villa Torlonia - Casino Nobile / Bunker – Via Nomentana 70, Rome
Opening Thursday 25 June from 5pm-7pm
26 June – 2 August 2015