Poems 1990-2001 at SALTS questions the dominant ground of the modern poem: the page

Poems 1990-2001 is an upcoming exhibition at SALTS  curated by Harry Burke for The Printed Room* featuring digital poetry produced or digitally reconfigured between the years 1990 and 2001. The World Wide Web (1989) and the Netscape browser (1994) were two developments in a decade that saw rapid increase in possibilities for digital publishing. Technologies like flash, hypertext and VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) gave poets new means to rupture existing publishing formats and expand the space of the poem. This encouraged poetry to migrate beyond the page, destabilizing the ground, circulation and reception of the poem – issues that are increasingly relevant in the widened publishing field of today.

Featuring poetry by Eduardo Kac, Deena Larsen, Belén Gache, Ana Maria Uribe, Tiia Johannson, Erik Loyer, Hazel Smith, Jennifer Ley, Stephanie Strickland, Carolyn Guertin, Mendi and Keith Obadike, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Caterina Davinio, amongst others.

Featuring posters by Jesse Stecklow, Holly White, Hamishi Farah, Bea Schlingelhoff.

*The Printed Room is a parallel program at SALTS, in Birsfelden, Switzerland, that consists of changing exhibitions of printed material and a series of literary-minded readings, lectures, concerts, and performances.

SALTS – Hauptstrasse 12, Switzerland
Opening Reception Thursday 18 June at 6-10pm
19 June – 26 July 2015