What IS a Bird? We Simply Don’t Know at Galeria Nicodim Bucharest

Galeria Nicodim Bucharest is thrilled to present the group exhibition curated by Domenico de Chirico. The paintings, sculptures, and wall works in this show chisel loose the shape and image of everyday scenes, stripping away their original associations and making visible the characters and materials that weave in and out of peripheral consciousness.

Artists: Yonatan VinitskyAlek O.Razvan Boar, Antoine DonzeaudHenry ChapmanKenneth Alme, Virgile Ittah + Kai Yoda

An oil puddle rises into a lonely island. A childhood cartoon skips across the sketchy picture plane with uncanny unfamiliarity. Seatbacks are locked in their upright positions. A memory is cast in a foggy figure on the brink of evaporation.

The exhibition title is taken from the short-lived BBC absurdist mockumentary series Look Around You. Squeezing surrealism from subjects as mundane as water and math, the series’ title is also its main behest—a proposition handily taken up, taken apart, and rearranged to poetic ends, displaced yet present.

At least for now.

Text by Christina Catherine Martinez

Galeria Nicodim Bucharest – Victoria Street 010 071, Bucharest
Opening Thursday 25 June 2015 at 6–9pm
25 June – 31 July 2015