Kunsthalle Athena says farewell to their beloved location with a three-day celebration of lectures, screenings and performances

Photo by Panos Michail


Kunsthalle Athena is moving.
As a non-static platform we feel it’s about time to transform, and to grow. But before that, we would like to celebrate with you the end of our seeding period with a three-day series of lectures, screenings and performances, to say goodbye to the beloved building that hosted all our projects for the last five years and became part of our identity. 

Borrowed from a 1939 British song made famous by singer Dame Vera Lynn, the title of the forthcoming activities We’ll Meet Again, refers to the optimistic undertones of goodbye, the anticipation of future reconciliations, and the promise to make up for the temporary absence during displacement.

Kunsthalle Athena was founded in this unrestored neoclassical house and took its first steps amid a diverse population consisting of different communities of locals and immigrants, brothels, cultural nomads, Chinese merchants, addicts, artists, and entertainment centres. The building is situated in the precarious area of Metaxourgeio in Athens, Greece, or, at this very moment Europe at large where love and hopelessness, entertainment and death, dreams and disappointments grow side by side. It has been a good place to grow strong, even if the times were – and are – outrageously difficult.

Those who joined forces with Kunsthalle Athena used its premises to speak, to create, to meet, to drink, to think, even to love, and inevitably left numerous traces on its derelict architecture. Over the years, these traces merged with the previous ones of those who built or lived or worked in the building, which in fact was never renovated. And we tried to preserve every scar we found on the walls and to create even more. We are happy to be part of its history of habitation, but now it is time leave ‘home’: To leave this dear ruin which acted as a refuge for critical thought and collectiveor co-operative action, for all of us and you hopefully.

We take this occasion to say goodbye and to pay a hommage to Kerameikou 28. Cell of our dreams, the incarnation of our hopes, and together the agency that kept us going forward during these years. We’ll Meet Again will be a platform of three days of activities where, together with friends from all over – those who manage to come from abroad at their own expense, and those living in Athens who accepted to participate at their own expense too – we will go through this ephemeral moment of separation. A separation that occurred due to a violent and at the same time thought-through displacement prompted by the current social, economic and practical circumstances.

Through a series of lectures on love and architecture, on debt and global policies, on women and cosmos, on Internet and poetry, among peculiar sonic landscapes and performances, and listening to music, we hope to make this rite of passage smoother and keep the building cheerful, blessed and immune from future horrible injustices. We see this occasion as a celebration open to all and we sincerely hope that all of you will get the chance to take the microphone and speak in public, to play music, to do whatever you want.

Tomorrow might be well uncertain, but we can be sure that we will meet again in another place and thus in another atmosphere. Kunsthalle Athena will stay committed to making the most of the opportunities for radical curating that present themselves locally and globally.

As mentioned in our mission statement, and maybe proved along our trajectory, curating is understood as a living relationship between art practice, experimentation, and the transformative act of a socially engaged, non-didactic pedagogy. Provisional interpretation, open communication, but also contestation. Yet, Kunsthalle Athena has no illusions. Building on the traditions of auto-critique, it will still operate within the limits of the possible, in the firm belief that something is better than nothing. We still want to grow on our legacy as an art institution, but we will always keep asking: What can an art institution be, and why?

We believe in happy endings as a way for new beginnings to emerge. Let’s farewell together this building as it deserves!

Agent Mo, Amateurboyz, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Danai Anesiadou, Andreas Angelidakis, Anastasia Ax, AZA, Athens Zine Biblioteque, George-Ikaros Babassakis & Eleanna Martinou, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Vincent Chomaz, Angela Brouskou & Parthenopi Bouzouri, Angela Dimitrakaki, Pakui Hardware, Katerina Kana, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Dimitris Kotselis, Eleni Kotsoni, Mikko Kuorinki, Quinn Latimer, Pantelis Pantelopoulos, Georgios Papadopoulos, Natasha Papadopoulou / Giannis Loukos / Eleftheria Togia, Angelo Plessas, Dimitris Politakis, Theo Prodromidis, Lars Siltberg, Jennifer Teets, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel



Ongoing performances by:
ANASTASIA AX – Exile, performative intervention on the work
ANGELO PLESSAS – Robot Poetry Reading, poetry reading
THEO PRODROMIDIS – Goodbye… etc, A Reading (2015), performative reading
ELENI KOTSONI – Taboo Teller, performative installation
KATERINA KANA – Immortal Boredom, performative installation
TJORG DOUGLAS BEER – Theatrical play

Tuesday 30 June
(Bar opens at 6:30pm. Ongoing performances also begin at the same time)
9pm VINCENT CHOMAZ – Geographies of the Places of Imagination, sound piece
9:30pm PAOLO THORSEN-NAGEL – Site specific musical set
10pm AZA – Audio-visual performance
10:30pm LARS SILTBERG – OSC, sound and light performance

Wednesday 1 July
(Bar opens at 18:30. Ongoing performances also begin at the same time)
7:30pm GEORGE-IKAROS BABASSAKIS – The project/attempt “Korekt” presents the Brief History of the 20th Century, lecture
8pm GIORGIO ANDREOTTA CALÒ – In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, video screening and presentation
8:30pm VALENTINAS KLIMAŠAUSKAS – Dear Jury, performative reading
9pm QUINN LATIMER – Corpse Life or, Live from Athens, performative reading
10:30pm PAKUI HARDWARE – Audio-visual performance

Thursday 2 July
(Bar opens at 18:30. Ongoing performances also begin at the same time)
6:45pm GEORGIOS PAPADOPOULOS – EUbik: Reading science fiction in an attempt to understand what is happening NOW in Athens, lecture
7:30pm ANGELA DIMITRAKAKI – Sex and Capitalism, lecture
8pm JENNIFER TEETS – Avatar Udders, lecture
9pm PANTELIS PANTELOPOULOS – Stolen Time Machine, Audio-visual performance-
9:30pm DANAI ANESIADOU- Special Appearance
And at the same time DIMITRIS KOTSELIS – (Farewell)2 – A Farewell to a Farewell, projection inside the building

The event is curated by Kunsthalle Athena’s team: Klea Charitou, Michelangelo Corsaro, Marina Fokidis, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Jorgina Stamogianni, Apostolos Vassilopoulos.

Kunsthalle Athena – Kerameikou street 28,  Athens
30 June – 2 July 2015 at 6pm-midnight every day
operating bar and food during the whole evening