VISITAZIONI – International Festival of Sound Art 2015

PROPOSTE SONORE presents, from 17 September to 5 December 2015, the second edition of VISITAZIONIInternational Festival of Sound Art at the Sala Santa Rita and the Cortile del Tempo di Apollo in Circo, in Rome.  This year the VISITAZIONI festival is dedicated to Sound Art, with projects carried out by Italian and international artists coming from the scope of music, but interested in various aspects of artistic communication.

VISITAZIONI wants to give “space and time” to the artists and the public, hosting the works over a period of about three months. This mode adds meaning to artistic creation and allows all parties involved, to really be in tune with the works of art and with the exhibition spaces.

The Sala Santa Rita and the courtyard of the Temple of Apollo in Circo are themselves artistic spaces (the first a baroque little church, the second a courtyard facing the ruins of the Roman Temple of Apollo in Circo), in the very historical centre of the city, absolutely unusual and “extraordinary” for contemporary art.

The intent of VISITAZIONI is to wander through the panorama of sound-art, representing different approaches to the subject of “sound.” It will survey the matter of the acoustic linked to the physical space, the interaction between video, sound and architecture, acoustic-theatrical representation and the interaction between body, voice and space. Special attention will be paid to the aspect of sound perception and the relationship between sound and environment.

From September to December 2015, nine installations will take place (six interventions in the Sala Santa Rita and three in the adjacent courtyard of the Temple of Apollo in Circo), each lasting two weeks, with works by artists from Italy, the USA, Finland and Basque Country.

All artists will attend the opening evenings, with a performance designed to integrate the experience of the installation.

The works will be introduced by prof. Antonello Colimberti, Anthropologist of Sound and Gesture, at the Fine Arts Academy of L’Aquila.

The event has been organized in collaboration with Roma Capitale – Cultural Department, within the Fourth Edition of the series AUTUNNO CONTEMPORANEO.

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Sala Santa Rita – Via Montanara (ad. Piazza Campitelli) and
Cortile del Tempio di Apollo in Circo –  Piazza Campitelli 7, Rome
17 September – 5 December 2015