Nina Cristante! online! – fitness povero – homeworks at 63rd-77th STEPS

63rd-77th STEPS presents fitness povero-homeworks, an online project by Nina Cristante, on view from 21 August 2015 on their website. Cristante, who currently lives in the UK, explores health and wellbeing in her work. Her main project, Zao Dha Diet has different declinations, from health consultations to fitness povero workouts to exercise music.

Fitness povero-homeworks consists of a new series of home-workouts and full body stretches with accompanying piano exercise music. Cristante states “Fe adrab bas not bad ma mbayan ino muscles like fats. for moms and peeps that can’t make it to the gym, fitness povero promotes self sufficient and cost efficient lifestyles in time of austere tightness and active living. livesore. x9 total body workouts, x1 full body stretch.”

Watch here fitness povero homeworks.

To visit Nina Cristante’s website click here.

63rd-77th STEPS – Art Project Staircase – is a project space for contemporary art founded and run by the artist Fabio Santacroce.