YARD PRESS presents ATEM by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza + Colli Project Book #2

COLLI Independent Art Gallery inaugurates Atem and Sarà Tolto by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza. At the very core of the book Atem is an accumulation of more than 2000 photographs concerned with the theme of “survival:” all those states, people, events and atmospheres that are ignored by the standardized and conservative practice of the society of merchandise. This nebula of images is an extended organism where what is systematically neglected, pulverized, shattered and eliminated by the idea of “contemporary” is kept alive. Sarà Tolto is a site-specific installation, curated by Paola Paleari, and associated with the author’s book Atem, published by Yard Press and presented for the first time. The installation will be held in the underground area of Colli Independenet Art Gallery and is the second appointment in the gallery’s project book, created to provide visitors with a platform focusing on books as an expression and study form.

The gallery’s dark underground space will be illuminated only by the reflected light of a video projected onto a divisor panel on which a small photograph will be hanging. Two series of digitally printed posters will also be displayed on the walls beside the panel. On the basis of a symbolic register these three elements (video projec- tion, photograph and posters) interact to symbolize the role that an image and its consumption have in our societies.

The analogic print — a static portrait of an austere woman — personifies the liminal universe that, according to the author, is excluded from the “photographic canon” but exists and flows incessantly beside it. The impossibility of gaining a clear and uniform vision of such a world is epitomized by the projection that, while persisting over the print, both reveals and conceals the woman’s face in the dark. The irregular rhythm depends on the variations of brightness of the video, a slow motion recording of a night scene with fireworks.

On the posters hanging beside the projection we see an opaque public, an undistinguishable and mute mass that is both subject and object of the spectacle. As in the book Atem, whose unique language negates a standard (i.e. linear and integral) reading, in the installation the author offers an alternative vision, induced by a different use of image, an autonomous image that comes alive when it is immersed in a flux of matter coming directly from real life.


The book Atem (standard or special edition) and a poster co-produced by Yard Press and Colli Publishing Platform can be purchased directly at the gallery.

COLLI Independent Art Gallery – Via di Monserrato, 40, 00186 Roma
Opening Wednesay 30 September 2014 at 6.30pm