IL CORPO NERO – Riccardo Giacconi at Placentia Gallery in Piacenza

Riccardo Giacconi, Landscapes (fragment), 2010
Ongoing ink on paper, dimensions variable



Il Corpo Nero is a solo show by Riccardo Giacconi, in collaboration with Alessio Del Dotto, at Placentia Arte in Piacenza. 

“[...] bodies can be imagined which, for infinitely small thicknesses, completely absorb all incident rays, and neither reflect nor transmit any. I shall call such bodies perfectly black, or, more briefly, black bodies.” Gustav Kirchhoff

“The spectral density of black body radiation [...] represents something absolute, and since the search for the absolutes has always appeared to me to be the highest form of research, I applied myself vigorously to its solution.” Max Planck

From apparently distant worlds, an artist and a physicist undertake a dialogue about light, shadow and darkness. They explore their origin, consistency, endless transformation and coexistence, finding the tools of their research in the overlap of their practices.

Placentia Gallery – Via Scalabrini 116, Piacenza 
Opening: Saturday 10 October 2015 at 6pm
10 October – 28 November 2015