ENTKETTET – DISSOLUTION by Azade Köker at Elgiz Museum in Istanbul

Azade Köker, Abandoned City, 2015
Paper/Video Installation, 40 x 40 x 90cm


Elgiz Museum will host one of Turkey’s contemporary artists Azade Köker from 9 Octobe 2015–January 7 2016. The artist explores the resistance that nature shows towards its destruction and urbanisation. Entitled Entkettet – Dissolution this exhibition examines Köker’s interrogation of socio-political issues with previously unexhibited mixed media and paper works alongside new space-oriented installations. 

“The links of the big chain that connect one process to another sometimes come undone, fall to the ground and pile up there, thoughts lose their flow, the connections between time and space may rupture, all of this may signify an end.
But perhaps this end is an end to a routine, to an addiction of a rote.
The flow and continuity of every good thing and all the thraldom and negativity of dependency is as strong as the links of the chain that carries them.
The chain of life and the chain of thraldom.
The exhibition Dissolution promotes the questioning of these two opposite formations.”
Azade Köker, August, 2015

Elgiz Museum – Beybi Giz Plaza Maslak 34398 Istanbul
9 October 2015 – 7 January 2016