AUDIOGHOST68 by Robert Del Naja and Giancarlo Neri at Cretto di Burri in Gibellina

Alberto Burri, Grande Cretto


On the occasion of Alberto Burri’s 100th birthday anniversary E.ON and the City of Gibellina, as part of the first edition of the Cretto Earth Festival, present AUDIOGHOST68, a work composed of lights, sounds and a thousand actors especially created for Burri’s Grande Cretto by Anglo-Italian musician Robert Del Naja and Italian artist Giancarlo Neri

Over a year ago we published the book La Linea della Palma which presents the field work research produced by the participants of the programme Studio Roma of the Swiss Institute of Rome, in the spring of 2014 in Valle del Belice, Sicily. Research which does not consider the catastrophe – the earthquake in January 1968 – as a univocal and linear element, but ventures into new paths, free from pre-existing narratives. As an attempt to question the possibility of understanding a territory by following its geography, research participants contributed individually or collectively to the construction of a fluid body of images, sounds and texts that define a space of knowledge. Each participant freely took a position within the physical, historical and social context of this area, and from that position offered personal knowledge and skills that intertwined with those of others – a reading of the territory.

For Alberto Burri’s 100th birthday anniversary, among the many events organized this year, and perhaps most noteworthy is the final completion of the Grande Cretto – originally constructed between 1984 and 1989.

On this occasion E.ON and the City of Gibellina, present AUDIOGHOST68: One thousand white fireflies move and dance in the night in all directions inside the “veins” of the Cretto, their moving light sculpting the dark shapes of the Cretto’s islands and forming a great luminous mosaic in constant evolution. In the air, coming from who knows where, are the sounds and voices of a long-gone era. 1968 was a year that changed the world irrevocably. Here, in Gibellina, like a true Apocalypse, its end was marked.

In AUDIOGHOST68 the work, the actors and the public merge together, becoming one.
 On their arrival at the Cretto at 8 pm, the actors/spectators, equipped with a LED light headband, position themselves along the entire perimeter of the piece, yet with their lights turned off. At a given signal – the start of the sound effects broadcast in FM – the “actors” light their lamps and enter the Cretto from all directions to move freely inside the “veins” of the great sculpture, forming rivers, trails, clusters, and single dots of moving light. At the same time, the sounds and the voices of 1968 are spread through the air to be transformed, after a moment of absolute silence, into an explosion of percussion, music, and dance.
 Featuring Percussion Voyager and Max Passante.

Alberto Burri’s Grande Cretto, remembering but also hiding the tragic event under concrete, represents a return to life through art. We would like to pay homage to this great piece, and to the great artist who created it, with a “collective” work that would further underscore its greatness: tonight, it will take a thousand of us.
Robert Del Naja and Giancarlo Neri

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Press Conference at Chiesa di Santa Caterina (Ruderi di Gibellina, TP) – 17 October at 5pm
Cretto di Burri, Gibellina Vecchia, Sicily – 17 October, 8pm

The audio will be available on RCV Radio Network – 17 October at 9pm