C’EST LA VIE? at Occidental Temporary, Paris

C’est la Vie? is a group exhibition organized by Neil Beloufa at Occidental Temporary in Paris.

I believe this space used to be a crystal factory, and then they produced off-road vehicles there before they fabricated machines to package liquids, and then they built film sets. It was most probably used for storage at one point too, maybe even to sell second-hand goods and for film shoots before it became an artist’s studio. Many things apparently happened here: a fire, a roller skating competition, an episode ofJulie Lescaut, a grilled chicken, riots, and the list goes on. All of these events have contributed to the transformation of the neighborhood. The space will most likely become a company’s headquarter or be transformed as part of a residential building, but before that happens it continues to change today with artists at the helm. Unbeknownst to them (or not?), these artists would have participated in the expansion of the city, pushing back its borders and its inhabitants before they will have to go elsewhere again to repeat the same schema. In this involuntary process, whereby constructing something comes down to initiating its destruction, the space now comprises a hotel. Its surroundings shows works by artists who have passed through. Their artworks are (maybe) influenced by the paradoxical process through which their production was made possible. If this temporary art center of 530 square meters were to endure as a monument to a past enthusiasm, it not only would have resisted, but this also would mean that gentrification had worked.

The most important thing is to keep on doing. ‟C’est la vie?”

–  Neil Beloufa

Artists include: Boris Achour, Julie Beaufils, Neil Beloufa,  Cecile Bicler, Jonathon Binet, Camille Blatrix, Mohamad Bourissa, Raphael de Stael, Benjamin Fanni, Dorian Gaudin, Hadrien Gerenton, Mathieu  Haberard, Paul Hamy, Christophe Herreros, JPW3, Kolokoz, Martin Labourde, Elizabeth Lennard, Mehdi Moujane, Chrystele Nicot, Andrei Panibratchnko, Sarah Philouze, Cedric Rivrain, Sara Sadik, Oscar Tuazon, Nicolas Tubery, Pieter Van der Sschaff, Emile Vappereau and Stephane Vigny.

Occidental Temporary – 64 Rue Pasteur 94800 Villejeuf
Opening on Sunday 18 from 3pm-7pm
18 October – 8 November 2015