Rä di Martino for SubBrixia, first intervention for Brescia Metro stations


SubBrixia is a project conceived by NERO which brings some of the most inventive artists from the Italian contemporary art scene to interact with the underground metropolitan network in Brescia, opened in 2013. The metro line consists of 17 stations and covers 14 kilometres. For each of the first 5 stations that have been selected, a different artist will design and produce a site-specific installation.

SubBrixia is realized in “a widespread show,” that leaves the museum, developing in discrete moments in time and space. An underground journey with different stations – symbols of the various chapters of a fantasy story that takes shape in reality. It is an open book that explores geography, identity and heterogeneous languages.

The first five stations  – assigned respectively to Rä di Martino, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Francesco Fonassi, Marcello Maloberti and Elisabetta Benassi – will open in autumn-winter.

Five Italian artists will create interventions developed around the architecture of the spaces as well as the historical-political-social identity of the city.

The sequence will open on the 29th of October with Rä di Martino’s intervention at the Marconi metro station. The artist from Turin has proposed the creation of a poster for an unmade film – potentially feasible or totally imaginary and inspired by the 1964 cult film by Burt Lancaster, The Swimmer.

Rä di Martino, Rendering of “The Swimmer” at Marconi metro station, Brescia


Based upon the short story by John Cheever, The Swimmer tells the tale of a successful man who decides to return to his home, located on the outskirts of a big city, swimming through the pools of the villas of the rich neighbors. The film is a metaphor for the disintegration of the American dream, and strong parallels can be  found in the current economic and social contexts.
The intervention in the metro station sets up a mise en abyme, insofar as a work of art is produced on and inside another work of art. It uses the language of advertising to trigger alienation in the passerby.
The presence of one of the most well-known actors in contemporary Italian cinema, Filippo Timi, who expressed his enthusiasm for and wanted to participate in the project, will help make the work more credible.

Marcello Maloberti will follow Rä di Martino with an installation at the the Stazione metro station at the end of November. Then each month a new station will be inaugurated: Francesco Fonassi at Ospedale, Patrick Tuttofuoco at San Faustino and finally Elisabetta Benassi at Vittoria.

SubBrixia is a project by NERO for Brescia Museums and Brescia Mobilità and realized thanks to the contribution of the Fondo Regionale Expo 2^ fase, with the support of Regione Lombardia and the collaboration of ATS Expo.

Info: Brescia Mobilità