BLACK BOOKS VOLS. 1, 2 AND 3 – BOOK LAUNCH at Uffici dell’Ex Dogana, Rome

Black Books is a series of unbound black and white volumes devoted to artists who are not professional photographers.
Black Books explores the relationship of different artists with the process of image production. All invited artists work with a fixed number of pages and using the same format.

Black Books Vol. 1
Giandomenico Carpentieri
The first volume presents the work of Giandomenico Carpentieri (Rome 1977), he works in publishing and graphic design.

Black Books Vol. 2
Michele Manfellotto
The second volume presents an extract from the video diary by Michele Manfellotto (Rome 1977), he’s a writer and visual artist.

Black Books Vol. 3
Nicola Pecoraro
The third volume presents a series of images produced by Nicola Pecoraro (Rome 1978), his artistic research is focused on sculpture, drawing, video and photography.

On the occasion of the book launch 3 limited edition posters(10 copies each) will be available.


Uffici dell’ex Dogana – Via dello Scalo S. Lorenzo 10 00185 Rome, Italy
Wednesday 4 November, 2015 at 6:30 pm