The Milky Way 2 at Gallery Studio SALES in Rome

16 November 2015

NERO is pleased to support the second edition of The Milky Way, a project promoted by Pianoterra Onlus and curated by Damiana Leoni,  and the mission of which is to give voice, through contemporary art, to a good cause. In 2014 the proceeds from the sale of the works went to vulnerable families in Naples and the province to meet the basic needs of mothers in need and to build various support paths with them. After the first stage that saw the city of Naples as its protagonist in 2014, at the Galleria Lia Rumma, this year the second stage will be hosted by the gallery Studio SALES in Rome on the 21 and 22 November. On this occassion, NERO will also present the catalogue The Milky Way which it has produced as adjunct to the project.

2015 sees 31 contemporary artists such as Charles Avery, Angelo Bellobono, Alessandro Cicoria, Mat Collishaw, Stanislaus Di Giugno, Ra di Martino, Goldschmied & Chiari, Flavio Favelli, Norma Jeane, Tobias Kaspar, William Kentridge, Michaela-Maria Langenstein, Emiliano Maggi Domenico Mangano, Doris Maninger, Davide Monaldi, Olaf Nicolai, Grear Patterson, Nicola Pecoraro, Alessandro Piangiamore, Joseph Pietroniro, Gianni Politi, Marco Raparelli, Max Renkel, Sterling Ruby, Pietro Ruffo, Andrea Salvino, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Giuseppe Stampone Mari Sunna, Gian Maria Tosatti frontline for 1000 days. It is an integrated program of early intervention for pregnant women, new mothers and very young children in situations of marginality and cultural poverty. Organised by Pianoterra Onlus in collaboration with ACP (Cultural Association Pediatricians) the project starts from the assumption that improving the initial conditions of a life and providing care and support at the roots, you can prevent the development of many health problems and prevent their transmission from generation to generation.

Anyone can purchase a work from the exhibition The Milky Way 2, and thus actively participate in a process which aims to involve those who believe that culture is participation, enables development and social cohesion. The Milky Way 2 is a contemporary art project: artists, most of all, build new perspectives on reality and possible worlds and offer answers to questions that are often unsolvable. The Milky Way 2 is an all-inclusive project: everyone, albeit in different forms, will have the opportunity to support the program 1000 Days in Rome. We believe – comment the promotors – that the community can take care of those who are most vulnerable.

Gallery Studio SALES  – Piazza Dante 2, 00185 Roma
Saturday 21 November from 12 to 21; Sunday, 22 November from 12 to 19.
Press Preview: Friday, November 20 from 12 to 15

Promoted by Fondazione Pianoterra Onlus




The Patronage of the Embassy of Finland
The Podernuovo a Palazzone