INTRO at Giorgio Galotti in Turin

Giorgio Galotti gallery presents Intro, an exhibition including artists Paul Branca, Ettore Favini, Thomas Kratz, Fabio Marco Pirovino and Vanessa Safavi  in Turin.

Paul Branca (1974, USA) lives and works in New York. His artistic research is often based on the social connections between food and painting. For this show he presents a selection of his tondi, slices of ‘Mortadella & Salami’ series (2014) as an ‘antipasto’ for Turin. These divided slices allude to a sharing of a whole: a common thing in his oeuvre. By employing different painterly strategies and processes, Branca connects and builds parallels between food production and distribution as process driven abstraction and representation.

The pathway of Ettore Favini (1974, IT) is highlighted and influenced by an obsession with time, by people’s story and stories. In this exhibition he proposes a new work picked from the collection produced for the next institutional solo shows, forthcoming in 2016. Through the cohesion of industrial textiles and fabrics originating from the african culture, his goal is to start a consideration on the different ethnic groups, on the economy and the paradox of the contemporary society.

Thomas Kratz (1972, DE) is a German painter and performance artist, he uses different materials to elaborate and create his pieces of art. Within this exhibition he presents two abstract paintings which gives us a complete reading of his approach to this practice. Pastel shades and soft brush strokes summarize most of his work made by layering and erasures. In order to offer an entire vision of his research, he performs as a sculptor as well.

Fabio Marco Pirovino (1980, CH) is a  swiss artist. His Scribble paintings begun as a series of intense monochromatic drawings, gestures initially made physically on perspex as an analogue transparency before being produced digitally on a vastly increased scale – printed with UV ink on canvas. These embrace apparently casual, talking about the practice of painting and its correspondence with various meanings of reproduction. It belongs to an ongoing series presented at last edition of Liste in Basel.

The swiss-iranian artist Vanessa Safavi (1980, CH) develop a research that is an heap of personal experiences turned into physical elements floating between nature and cultures’ relationships. The work here presented, surrounded by a ‘pictorial aura’ using lines and shadows of a painting approach, proposes silicone layers compressed between glass and wood. Presented in Paris for the first time on the occasion of his solo show at Fiac, the final effect of this work is a composition which stands half way between painting and sculpture.


Giorgio Galotti  – via Arnaldo da Brescia 39 10134 Turin
10 October 2015 – 27 November 2015