GLI IMMEDIATI DINTORNI, Chiara Camoni at Nomas Foundation in Rome

Chiara Camoni, La Venere senza serpenti, 2015
Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia


Nomas Foundation presents Gli immediati dintorni (The immediate Surroundings), a solo exhibition of works by Chiara Camoni, curated by Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni.

Gli immediati dintorni (The immediate Surroundings), offers the viewer the possibility to relate with works that embrace the entire career of the artist – some of which have never been exhibited before – and come close to her practice, through an in-depth investigation on a research which is based on shared moments, one that measures time and, sometimes, follows its unforeseen “suggestions”.

Through a dialogue between sculpture, installations, performances, videos, photographic works and texts, the exhibition offers a perspective on Chiara Camoni’s interests, focusing on some themes that characterize her artistic enquiry, such as the stream of time, nature and its generative power, rituals, human bonds and relationships: all elements that open her work to a dimension of fortuity, recognizable in the traces that mark the materials she uses and in the way she conceives process as a necessary form of creation.

Deriving its mode and language from the artist’s work, Gli immediati dintorni (The immediate Surroundings), is conceived as an exhibition in progress, adopting slowness as a time for the creation, the fruition and the reception of the works on show. The exhibition doesn’t aim to be the ending point of a production, rather act as a shared and familiar space, an open laboratory, an occasion for a more intimate exchange between the artist’s works and the viewer.

According to this approach, the performance La neve gialla (2013) was presented before the opening of the exhibition, as a sort of overture for the visit and a proper preparation of the space for the arrival of the audience.

On the occasion of the exhibition it was also be possible to attend the workshop Pieni di vuoti / Vuoti di Pieni, contributing to the realization of the work Vasi (2013-2015), an additional moment for the understanding of the artist’s practice and process. The work, which will take form during the time of the exhibition, has already started to occupy the spaces of the Foundation.

Installation views of the exhibition at NOMAS Foundation, Rome Credits: Roberto Apa
Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia


Nomas Foundation  – Viale Somalia 33, Rome
21 November 2015 – 26 February 2015