1 December 2015

Learning Europe. Making the space of self-education practices is a day of research among some protagonists of the cultural and social experiences that live in the radical changed scenario of the global crisis and of the politics of austerity. A meeting that traces resonances between east and south Europe, always more affected by original forms of poverty, precarity, and indebtment. In this time of renovated colonialism and war, self-education is also the organization of political resistance and decolonial practice.
After the breakdown of the ivory tower, the multiplication and diffusion of free universities, within and beyond campus, stands against the neoliberal university of the post-Bologna Process, against the financialization of knowledge and its commodification.
In the present cultural desertification, thinking Europe as a many-headed hydra underlines the proliferation of experiences that in the transnational space withstand in the construction of political tools and collective places, imagining cooperative practices and a common lexicon, against the processes of bordering and expulsion.
A meeting for making space in the cities, through the practices of self-education.

Saturday 5th of December, 2015

3 – 5 p.m. Rave Up the Neoliberal University
Roundtable with: Callum Cant (NCAFC, London),  Mikołaj Ratajczak, Krystian Sadowsky (Praktyka Teoretyczna, Warsaw), Jon Solomon (Lion University)

5.30 – 7.30 p.m. The Many-Headed Europe
Roundtable with: Gigi Argyropoulou (Mavili Collective and Green Park, Athen), Vasyl Cherepanyn (The School of Kyiv-VCRC, Kyiv), Alona Liasheva (Peripheralizing Europe, Kyiv), Lotta Tenhunen (Fundación de los Comunes and PAH, Madrid), Manuela Zechner (Precarity Office, Wien and Peripheralizing Europe)

8 p.m. Dinner by Barikamà

For the streaming, the lists of participants and materials: www.learningeurope.org

Organized by LUM, LUR, The School of Kyiv

Media partner: NERO

ESC self-managed atelier – via dei volsci 159, Rome
Saturday 5 December 2015