As curator Cornelia Lauf observes, the twins  from Catania Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia work with matter, time, biology and philosophy. Working meticulously and systematically as a duet, they paint on the same canvas – facilitated by the fact that one is left-handed and the other is right-handed. This natural physical predisposition allows them to work simultaneously with pastel on paper, each his own distinctive structuring of form and sign.

Ingrassia are now presenting the first ten years of their artistic production at the MACRO in Rome, with works that emerge from a continuous dialogue between drawing and sculpture, subverting the traditional way of conceiving the grammars of color and dissolving sculpture into the line of pencil, where through saturation and shades of gray, comes the color.

At the same time, the grammar of color and weight of paper seem to overlap and be composed from time to time in plastic forms, and drawing becomes sculpture, with works that materialize from the paper in layers of pastel on cardboard, images sculpted in clean and calibrated gestures, giving them density and outlines.

MACRO – via Nizza 138, Rome
27 November 2015 – 31 January 2016