DELTA TI – In tempo reale at Museo Carlo Bilotti in Rome

Delta ti – In tempo reale is the exhibition curated by the “Curatorial Collective” composed by students from the 5th edition of the LUISS Master of Art – University Master Level I, under the direction of Achille Bonito Oliva (Scientific Director of the Master).

The title of the exhibition is taken by the Delta ti physics formula which expresses the notion of time interval, taken as a variation that marks off two instants, and, as such is the real manifestation of a process of transformation. In contemporary society, in which time past and time future blend together in an eternal present, reality changes so rapidly that every time interval is perceived as opened and fluid. Everything is concentrated in a single moment, an outstanding range that is the real time.

The exhibition presents the works of 18 contemporary artists who come from different generations and backgrounds, and have different sensibilities. Featuring sculptures, photos, videos, installations, performances and sound interventions, Delta ti highlights an aesthetic and critical survey of the connection between art and life.

On display historical works such as Senza tempo by Fabio Mauri, which has been presented to the public only once, and the famous Esposizioni in tempo reale by Franco Vaccari that interact with more recent works, such as the hourglasses by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, or the neons of  Mircea Cantor and Claire Fontaine. Not only, the exhibition brings together works that investigates the relationship between time lived and time perceived such as those of  H.H. Lim and of Leonardo Petrucci, or the meaning of history and collective memory such as that of Elisabetta Benassi; works that look at the relationship between time and nature such as those of Ileana Florescu, Rä di Martino and Pablo Mesa Capella; and the memory of everyday objects, which one can see in the work of Piero Golia, the pictorial layers of Gianni Politi, the sound installation by Matteo Nasini, and Emiliano Maggi’s  are additional facets of the topic in analysis. The performances of Cesare Pietroiusti and Andrea Lanini, and by Baldo Diodato will open the exhibition.

The exhibition venue is the Museo Carlo Bilotti in which the permanent collection of a large number of works by Giorgio de Chirico dialogues with the works on display, allowing an unprecedented dialogue between two different conceptions of time: the real and the metaphysical.

During the opening, it will be presented also the Delta ti publication, edited by NERO, which works as a catalogue, but it is conceived as the number zero of a periodic magazine. It collects the contributions of the featuring artists and a series of external witnesses, including Achille Bonito Oliva, Giacomo Marramao and Piero Sartogo.

The Curatorial Collective consists of:
Carlotta Antonini, Beatrice Bella, Maria Pia Bevilacqua, Ilaria Bulgarelli, Haiou Chen, Lorenzo Cicerchia, Sara Maria d’Onofrio, Giulia Gemma, Sara Guagnini, Giulia Guidi, Sophia Jakabffy, Laura Mariano, Francesco Massimi, Micol Mieli, Gabriella Natale, Chiara Orati, Massimiliana Palumbo, Emilia Scarallo, Simona Schiazzano, Salvatore Terracciano, Olesya Vasylchuk.

The exhibition is organized and supported by LUISS Business Creative Center and sponsored by Roma Capitale – Capitoline Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. It will be held from December 17, 2015 al January 17, 2016 at the Museo Carlo Bilotti, where is located the Villa Borghese’s Orangery in Rome.

The sound installation Centocordo of Matteo Nasini will be recorded and  available to be listened streaming. 

Opening 16 December, 2015 at 5pm
Museo Carlo Bilotti – Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia 6, Rome