Ninth edition of the BABA Festival in Pigneto, Rome

NERO is pleased to present the ninth edition of The BABA festival from the 17th to the 20th of December 2015 in Rome.

By popular demand and as punctual as life The BABA FESTIVAL is returning for its ninth round/appointment: this time it will be an edition that is variable and uncertain, almost moody: THE BABALEO. The anniversary of BABA then, which takes its name from babaleonte, our new mascot that represents the mental confusion of today, for sbabi worldwide it is the one and only religion!!! So this year artists and multiform crazy pilgrams, will be involved in 4 DAYS of performance, video, theater and music, with special attention also to sound poetry: in fact the F edition of POESIA CARNOSA will be hosted in what will be a very special event.

Before the official evening two opening nights of games have been scheduled, the INTRO and the PRE and, soon after, the IN and OUT.

Location choices, some locally known and some less known ones in Pigneto:

30 Formiche, STUDIO 54, DalVerme, il Varco and FANFULLA 5a of course!

Leaked rumors regarding the line up: the presence of artists such as Chris Imler (Germany, historic right arm of patric catani)


(Greece, directly from the Phase! Records)

Sharon Gal (UK, performer that, as you can see here, knows her stuff:!about-test/ctwy  will certainly not discredit anyone.

Among the artists, important national art names such as Dino Catalano, Zaza Calzia, Tomaso Binga and others.

This year, for the occasion, BABA will host the edition of F POESIA CARNOSA, for a special all female event.

For the full program of events follow this link.

Opening 17 December 2015 at 10pm.
BABA INTRO 30 Formiche – via del mandrione 3 Roma