LOGO at Galleria Poggiali e Forconi, Florence

On Saturday 19 December 2015 the LOGO project opens at Galleria Poggiali e Forconi in Florence, Italy. It presents an intellectual exchange between three artists of different generations and artistic research:  Manfredi Beninati (Palermo, 1970), Enzo Cucchi (Morra d’Alba, 1949) and Laboratorio Saccardi – an artistic duo made up of Marco Leone Barone (Palermo 1978) and Vincenzo Profeta (Palermo, 1977).

The idea behind LOGO is to bring the protagonists of this project together so that they can compete with each other in an innovative formula of “comparison-challenge” on the practice and the significance of the experience of art in contemporary society.

The artists, who have seen each other over recent months and have set up a lively intellectual exchange, will meet on the evening of Friday 4 December for an extempore debate.  At this closed-door meeting they will discuss and decide upon the common topic to inspire the creation by each artist of an original work in the same format, which will then be displayed at the exhibition from 19 December. The artists will create the works on 5, 6 and 7 December: over these three days Beninati, Cucchi and Laboratorio Saccardi will work in close contact in the gallery spaces in Florence, which will also be open to the public, allowing the spectators to be involved in the creation and realisation of the works and in the artistic exchange between the protagonists.

LOGO is a new form of symposium, an attempt to rediscover the central role of a tangible exchange of ideas. It is also a revaluation of the concept of the gallery as a workshop and of the active exchange with the public. Hence the idea of collecting the visitors’ assessments – by means of a form that will be available throughout the exhibition – of their favourite work among the three created in the days prior to the opening.

Also on show there will be around thirty works on canvas specially selected by the artists, and arranged in a display itinerary unwinding through the main premises of the gallery in Via della Scala and in the project room in Via Benedetta. More specifically, here Enzo Cucchi will present the Van Gogh series and Manfredi Beninati the series of works produced over the last year.

For the Laboratorio Saccardi the show will represent a further step in the intellectual and artistic exchange, which they initiated with Cucchi during the double solo show with the Maestro at the GAM in Palermo (Sicily) in 2014. It also offers the opportunity to display new works based on the practice of painting that leverage themes of the grotesque and cognitive bewilderment.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue curated by Alessandro Cucchi.

Galleria Poggiali e Forconi – Via della Scala, 35/A Project room, via Benedetta 3r
Opening  Saturday 19 December 2015 at 6 pm
19 December 2015 – 20 March 2016