Simone Forti: On an Iron Post at the Box in Los Angeles

Simone Forti’s latest exhibition, On an Iron Post, at the Box in Los Angeles surveys over fifty years of the artist’s work and includes video, sculpture and drawing. The exhibition reveals Forti’s tendency toward collaboration with almost half the works exhibited crediting friends, colleagues and technicians.


Dear Father,

If you were alive you’d be 119.  I’m drinking a very good wine made right here in California. I wish I could share it with you. I’m writing to tell you that I’m having an exhibit of my work in an art gallery here in LA where I live. The Box LA Gallery. It’s downtown. 

The show’s got lots of parts, like a day of experiences with different energies, lyrical, abrasive, adding up to something complex but without closing in on any particular meaning.

There are videos, objects, there’s even a small oil painting of a sink. In one video I wrestle with a big pile of newspapers at Zuma Beach, with the surf soaking the paper and me and sea weeds all wrestling together. * You were a great swimmer and a great reader of the news. I think you’d like it.

The name of the show is “On An Iron Post”. I found it by opening at random a book of collected poems by William Carlos Williams. I quickly pointed to a line: On An Iron Post. I like it. It balances the more lyrical parts of the show. Like a video of “Touch”, a group performance on a grassy hill, which I did when I was in my forties. Charlemagne Palestine was doing the music, with speakers up in a tree. And I’m having a small sculpture built out of steel. I had sketched the idea in my notebook way back in 1961 and written “I have an idea for a sculpture. It might even be fun to make, but what would I do with it? I’d hate to have it.” So now we’re making it. There are parts that pull in on parts that push out. It’s the tension; like a dance. Yes, I still dance. I’m going to do a News Animation at the show’s opening. Wish you could be there.



The Box – 805 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles
14 November 2015 – 9 January 2016