WE CAN’T WAIT at the Quirinetta in Rome

Marco Raparelli e Massimo Piluzzi, We can’t wait, 2016
site-specific intervention, dimensions variable


Quirinetta Caffè Concerto presents Marco Raparelli’s exhibition We Can’t Wait. The exhibition is the the first event in a series curated by Valentina Gioia Levy which aims to open a dialogue between visual art and other performative arts. Raparelli is a Rome-based visual artist whose practice is focused on black and white comic book illustrations which he uses in order to shed light, with shrewd humor, upon the contradictions and the paradoxes of contemporary society. For this show, the artist has invited Massimiliano Piluzzi, an eclectic creative designer and calligrapher, who is best know as Deep Masito from the rap group Colle Der Fomento to collaborate with him. Together they will realize a series of site-specific works centered around urban communication and writing. In a joint effort they will produce several art interventions which will be spread out in Quirinetta’s spaces and therefore create an itinerary that visitors will be able to follow thanks to a map. The walls of the historical theatre will take on new life through the drawings, messages, textual fragments and narrative traces of Raparelli and Piluzzi. Their works will deeply interact with existing objects and architectural elements, so that the relation between the space and the public will also be rewritten.  Their art interventions will construct another plane of reality, a place inside a place, in which the narration  – generated by the visual works – overlaps with real things, pulling up alongside them, instead of acting as a subsitute. The result can be seen as a kind of short circuit between fiction and reality, or maybe even a fanciful encounter between the physical and metaphysical world.

Given the transversality that characterizes this project, Marco Raparelli has also invited the Dj of Welcome 2 the Jungle, a radio program that is aired on Radio Popolare Roma each Thursday from 10.30pm and directed by Simone Eleuteri (a.k.a. Danno from Colle der Fomento) and Giacomo Cannas. For the occasion of the opening on the 13th January, Eleuteri and Cannas will play at Quirinetta from 8.30 pm. They will be followed by Dj Baro.

Marco Raparelli e Massimo Piluzzi, Sorry No Image Available, 2016
site-specific intervention, dimensions variable


Quirinetta Caffè Concerto – Via Marco Minghetti 5 – 00187 Roma
Opening Wednesday 13 January 2016 from 16pm to midnight
14 January –  14 March 2016