Royal Institute of Art Research Week 2016 in Stockholm

Site 1, 2014.
Photo: M. Kuzma


Since 2011 the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (RIA) has hosted an annual and public Research Week. Artistic development and research projects are presented, together with doctoral candidates, Mejan Residents and other invited researchers presenting their work. RIA Research Week 2016 will take place between 20–27 January. It will open with the two-day conference: “Useless Uses,” An International Conference on Use and Uselessness in Contemporary Art on 21 and 22 January.

RIA Research Week spans a multitude of perspectives and approaches in order to reflect the institution’s commitment to the widest interpretation of research with respect to art production. As in previous years, this year’s Research Week programme encompasses a diversity of presentations, lectures, performances, exhibitions, film screenings and other events including the RIA Open House. Together in this constellation these presentations bridge practical, transdisciplinary, theoretical and philosophical aspects of contemporary art with particular interests.

This year’s overall programme is unmatched by previous years in scope. It presents an unparalleled amount of student presentations from all programmes throughout the BA, MA and PhD levels. It also welcomes international speakers and institutional collaborations forming connections between artistic practice, critical studies, philosophy and society at large, all in all reflecting the impetus of RIA’s research platform. As part of this ambition two new courses have commenced in the autumn 2015 at the RIA – Critical Habitats and Philosophy in the Context of Art  – and both courses’ students and representatives will present as part of this year’s Research Week. In particular, the conference “Useless Uses”  serves as a preamble to this year’s Research Week and as developed in close cooperation with the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University London, it is an extension of the RIA course Philosophy in the Context of Art.  The conference functions as a kind of thematic strand within the wider programme, which specifically will consider ‘use’ and ‘usefulness’ in relation to art’s social function, conditions of criticality and discourses today. In tandem with the conference, students enrolled in the advanced level course Philosophy in the Context of Art will also present practice-based projects: Olivia Berkowicz, Giorgio Giusti, Emma HammarénEmma LaMorte, Erik Peters, Samuel Richter and Merzedes Sturm-Lie.

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