APPARATUS 22, Several Laws.The Elastic Test at Galleriapiù in Bologna

Apparatus 22, The Elastic Test, 2016
Photography, dimensions variable


Several Laws. The Elastic Test, the first solo show of Romanian collective Apparatus 22 in Italy opens at Galleriapiù in Bologna on Saturday 30 January 2016. A series of new works advancing thinking on the human body perceived as a battlefield for civilization norms: written and unwritten laws, fossilized values, scientific preconceptions and corporate dreams for sublime consumerism, will be exhibited. Apparatus 22 has created seven disturbing short poetic texts which act like bridges which, through a transposition process, lead to the generation of new mental images. The series had as starting point a sharp perspective on the body recently brought in by science in CERN, Geneva; the works further explore the lengths one is willing to go to and the arsenal available in shaping over and again the bodily surface allotted by nature and look closely at the body cloaked in the artifice, glamour and ideals built by mass-media. Tattooed on leather, the texts stress the contemporary fragility of the human being versus controlling powers – the political and economic, social and religious, aesthetic and technological – and questions the audience’s intimate and emotional facets. The consequences of crossing canons, the occultation of prejudices, the empathy for the body in crisis, control and self-expression are all at stake in this new body of work of Apparatus 22.

As semantic appendix and hosted in the underground spaces of Galleriapiù, the artists will also show the joint work The Hour Broadcast (2014), realized together with studioBASAR + SillyConductor: six radio channels about post war feelings. Intended for the setting of an anti-atomic bunker near Sarajevo, the installation narrates an outside reality of a vaguely-defined historical era through the medium of information par excellence.

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Apparatus 22, Infinite Contradiction, 2016
Installation of three joint flags (reused black leather, wooden sticks, steel)
Edition: 3 + 3AP


Apparatus 22, Erratic Statistics (1), 2016
Object (wood stick, leather of different colors), 2m
Edition: 5 + 3AP


Apparatus 22, Untitled (1), 2015-2016
Object (leather, laser inscription, hand dyed in white), 100 x 140 cm
Edition: 3 + 3AP


Galleriapiù – Via del Porto 48 a/b, 40122 Bologna, Italy
Opening Saturday 30 January from 6pm to 11:45pm