SubBrixia Intervention III: Francesco Fonassi for Ospedale in Brescia

NERO is pleased to announce the opening of a third artistic intervention in the Brescian metro. SubBrixia, now known as the underground art of Brescia, opens a stop at Ospedale. The third installation (following those by  Rä di Martino at Marconi metro stop and Marcello Malaberti at Stazione) of this diffused underground art trail, is a sound work conceived by the artist Francesco Fonassi. The opening on the 28th of January 2016 will start with a live performance by the duo FLOS Formentini, constituted by Luca Formentini and Stefano Castagna.

Born in 1986, Fonassi is the only Brescian among the artists participating in the SubBrixia project, and has already had important solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Without doubt, he will be faced with a stimulating environment. Indeed, the underground is one of the few places that can be considered contemporary and social. The artist, who in his research investigates the mechanisms of auditory perception, will create an immaterial intervention involving the environment and passengers. What Fonassi proposes, is a sound trip that is emotive before it is physical.

It is entitled Rationabiles tubas, o guarigione and consists of a tone, or more technically a “cluster” generated from a set of brass instruments (tuba and trombone) which work with the idea of persistence of sound in space. A continuum of sound that, thanks to electronics, is edited and manipulated with analog rather than digital instruments.

All of this will be transformed into a sound installation that will spread a changing message for the entirety of the “show;” using a sound system and software that reproduce sounds in continuous variations that never repeat themselves. The work of Fonassi reflects upon the duration of sound in space, as a phenomenon of perception exposed and “imposed,” where both the structure and the title of the work evoke a sense of hallucinatory transition and psychic healing. The purity of an escaping gesture that is pervasive and yet also evasive, carefully calibrated (tuned) and then finally healing.

In an articulated performance program, entitled Clear a Space/Disorient Program, during the period in which the work is on display, Fonassi will invite some musicians to interact with the sound environment generated by the installation, commissioning three live music interventions, or live sound actions.

- FLOS (Luca Formentini – Stefano Castagna), for two tables by Flos, 28th of JANUARY and 5th of JUNE 2016 (the trio with Francesco Fonassi for the closure of the program in June);

- Fabrizio Saiu and Dario Bruna, for two prepared batteries, 28th of February 2016;

- Alvin Curran (internationally acclaimed composer and musician), for shofar only (Jewish ram’s horn), 17th of APRIL 2016.

Flos (Stefano Castagna, Luca Formentini)
Flos’ approach to sound is based on the use of homemade sound sources with recycled materials and the manipulation of sound. These are the elements that make up the space within which their language takes shape. The sounds created by their soundboards – the “Tables by Flos” – are used in their elementary simplicity as well as in all modes that function in relation to their expressive intention.

Fabrizio Saiu
Has been engaged, since 2005, as musician–percussionist, in intensive research in the field of improvisation, experimental and contemporary music. Participates in national and international festivals and is also active in the area of musical theater and contemporary dance.

Dario Bruna
As a composer and drummer, his concert activity begins in the ’80s with progrock, new wave, and mainstream jazz music. His personal research develops around improvisational and compositional techniques pertaining to his own instrument, the drums. He studied classical music, rock, jazz and sound improvisation. In 1999 he founded the 3quietmen and in 1996 he set up the sound-musical laboratory CLGENSEMBLE, devoting himself to the performative aspects of music therapy.

Alvin Curran
Irreverent and traditionally experimental, he makes music for every occasion using any sound phenomenon. He is dedicated to restoring dignity to the profession of making non-commercial music as part of a personal quest for future social, political and spiritual forms. His music embraces all contradictions (composed/improvised, tonal/atonal, ceiling/minimal) in a calm dialectical encounter.

The artistic intervention of Francesco Fonassi has been supported by Moving Cultures, a project financed by the Fondazione Cariplo and realized by Fondazione Micheletti, Fondazione Brescia Musei, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Urban Center di Brescia, in collaboration with Ambiente Parco e Brescia Mobilità, and which aims to enhance the network of town mobility as a channel for spreading the culture of the region.

Rationabile Tubas is a work made with the invaluable technical sponsorship of Outline, a Brescian company which is internationally recognised for its manufacturing of loudspeaker systems and digital audio processors, and which also provided facilities for the sound system.

The project has been realized in collaboration with Ritmo & Blu Studio in Brescia.

SubBrixia is a project conceived and produced by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Brescia Mobilità together with the collaboration of the Comune di Brescia. Curatorship has been entrusted to NERO.

Artists involved: Rä di Martino, Marcello Maloberti, Francesco Fonassi, Patrick Tuttofuoco e Elisabetta Benassi.

The project has been realized thanks to the contributions of Progetto Moving Culture, the Fondo Regionale Expo 2^ fase, and with the support of the Regione Lombardia and the collaboration of ATS Expo.

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