Ex Silentio is the first solo exhibition of Yanyan Huang (b. 1988 in Sichuan, China) at BASEMENT ROMA. Produced across time zones and geographical borders, a chaotic growth of hypnotic gestures highlight the constant shift between identity and dissolution, fullness and empti- ness, memory and impulses.

The artist is no stranger to fatalistic shifts of fortune: born in China, she grew up in America and is perpetually split between places, cultures, and languages. Similarly, her work and presence map out a meandering quandary of geographies, models, identities, relational opportunities.

Unexpected impulses, intentions and chance, traditions and references, emptiness and acceleration, fate and de- sire, opposite trajectories are mixed in a process of accu- mulation and subtraction, appropriation and renunciation, pause and thrust, slowness and frenzy.

As it would be a fool’s errand to try to find distinct points or boundaries, one can only look silently for patterns and attempt to decode themes.

One must make an argument based on absence rather than presence.

“For a moment maybe a flicker of happiness, and the next moment, again the same despair and the same race for more.”

Infinite gestures run to a single irreplaceable and non-era-sable sign which the artist reads as that of an apple by Cézanne: “It might have taken one minute to draw an apple, but I had to draw a thousand apples in order to draw this one.”


BASEMENT ROMA – via ricciotti 4, Rome
Opening 28 January 2016 from 7pm to 9pm
28 January – 25 March