Fabrizio Prevedello – Cardelli & Fontana artecontemporanea at Arte Fiera in Bologna

For the 40th edition of the ArtFiera Fair Cardelli & Fontana artecontemporanea presents, in its stand, a unique construction designed and built by Fabrizio Prevedello to accommodate its staff. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Antonio Grulli.

Fabrizio Prevedello is a sculptor, in the broad sense of the term used today, but unlike many of his colleagues he maintains a strong link with what it meant to be a sculptor until a few decades ago. The works in the exhibition are a perfect example. Entering the exhibition space, the first work that attracts attention is a high sculpture made mostly of marble and concrete. It consists of several modules from various geometric shapes that rest on a wide base and going to get stuck on one another to make what might seem a strange obelisk, geometric abstraction of an elogangated mountain similar in some ways to the forms of utopian projects of the early modernist architects …. “

(from the text by A. Grulli)

ArteFiera, Bologna
Pad. 26 – Stand B47
29 January – 1 February 2016