— D21 Kunstraum open call for Artzines

In May 2010 the German non-profit art space D21 Kunstraum will host an exhibition of ArtZines – small artist publications that circulate in astounding varieties of forms and shapes, in print and online versions, at more or less regular intervals. These periodicals often refer to the DIY-approach of their predecessors, classic fanzines, which emerged from the ‘70s punk and underground music scene, mostly in the UK and the US.

The ArtZines show will shed light on an artistic medium that not only seems to have continuously gained visibility, popularity and presence in contemporary art institutions. It also addresses the ways in which its producers have adopted new channels of distribution, made possible by the Internet, that support interconnectedness and global coalescence.

In order to present a cross-section of publications that meet the outlined criteria, we have started a far-reaching and extensively communicated open call for zines, of which a selection will be shown in the D21 Kunstraum galleries. Focusing on issues of display and seminal exhibition design, students of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, class of Systemdesign (Prof. Oliver Klimpel), will develop a design concept for the exhibition. Furthermore, we are working closely together with mzin, a Leipzig-based gallery and bookshop for graphics, art and pop.

A symposium within the framework of the show will bring a number of zine producers, distributers, collectors, curators and readers together. These participants will connect and discuss different facets of their work, outline historical dimensions as well as influential precursors, and the impact of technological advance and digital culture for a traditionally paper-based medium. In addition to that, two workshops will be held, one by the Leipzig-based publishers of spector cut+paste magazine, the second as part of a school project. Both workshops will each explore different practical approaches and techniques in the production of ArtZines.

(via Manystuff)