SONIDO CLASSICS — Soundsystems Festival, Milan

SONIDO CLASSICS is a double celebration: the final act of a project started in 2014 by Plusdesign gallery, which presents a double collection of Colombian traditional soundsystems (called Picò) – and a festival, a carnival party, which praises street cultures of suburbs throughout the world. The twelve hour long party will take place in two venues in Lambrate, east side of Milan. The project is supervised by Invernomuto, coordinated by Associazione Culturale Elita and carried out with the collaboration of BUKA, S/V/N, Terraforma and Le Cannibale.

Picò culture runs parallel to other soundsystem traditions in the world: the Jamaican one above all. But it’s main difference is in it’s appearance: each Picò, as well as being meticulously designed in its shape and choice of materials, is also decorated by local painters, with phosphorescent colours and glitter. Each Picò expresses the visual identity of its DJ and owner through the artwork: a red cobra for El Rojo – La Cobra de Barranquilla, a lion for El Isleño – El Leon de la Salsa, a Korean war scenario for El Coreano – El Tanque de Guerra.

SONIDO CLASSICS is an exhibition of talking drums: there will be 15 Picòs produced in Colombia and built by artisans in Barranquilla plus another 5 entrusted to the creativity of European designers: Nathalie Du Pasquier, Delta, Lucas Munoz, Dirk Vander Kooi and Kram/Weisshaar.

A rich lineup of producers and Djs will be controlling the Picòs in a soundclash which takes place in the yard of Via Ventura 6 (6–11pm) and later in the BUKA c/o Ex Cinema Aramis/Striptease via Padova 272 (11pm–6am).

Sonido Classics’ contents are mixed, and not restricted to the specific caribbean areas where the Picòs come from. On the other hand, they put together the most sundry regions in the world, connecting Durban’s township (Gqom Oh! with Nan Kolé) with Lisbon’s northern outskirts (Principe Discos with Dj Firmeza e Dj Noronha), subterranean ragga and dub (Sarah Farina feat. Miss Red, Palmistry, STILL) with global bass mentors (Dj Rupture, Daniel Haaksman) and, last but not least, an Italian unit of people who have been surfing these frequencies for quite a while (Milangeles, Palm Wine, STILL, Primitive Art, Ckrono & Slesh, RPM and MadSoundsystem).

What is a Picò?

A picò is a huge soundsystem which animates parties known as “verbena”; the picò culture originated  on the Costa Atlàntica, especially in cities like Cartagena and Barranquilla. Northern Colombia plays a main role in the history of migration. It was the doorway to thousands of african slaves, but also  technology, cultural amalgamation and, of course, music. According to Dairo Barriosnuevo, an anthropologist from Barranquilla, a Picò is “a Colombian drum which plays African music.”



PLUSDESIGN – Via Ventura 6
Saturday 13 February, 6–11pm
free entrance

11pm: Picòs parade

BUKA c/o Ex Cinema Aramis/Striptease – via Padova 272, Milan
entrance € 15