APPARATUS 22 – An Archive of Longings (chapter 1) at Galeria Calina in Romania

Galeria Calina has the pleasure to present An Archive of Longings (chapter 1) a solo show by the conceptual art collective Apparatus 22. Taking place from January 22 to February 26 the exhibition is curated by Liviana Dan as part of The Installation Projects platform she initiated in 2015.

Bearing the subtitle “Notes on Reconstruction,” the immersive exhibition put forward by Apparatus 22 uses Maruca Cantacuzino Enescu as access code – a historic character that challenged Romanian society norms and imaginary in the first half of XXth century. The compelling story of the hyperintelligent, histrionic princess with an adventurous and scandalous love life triggers a series of installations reflecting on the emancipatory power of desire.

Power and desire play with reconstruction and fracture, with the economy of identity and economy of difference. Coined by Apparatus 22 as “fictional fractured memories” the works in the exhibition create a dense network of references, grand narratives and transgressions that encourage and at the same time blur identification (with Maruca or with the artists).

The approach coalesces personal biography with the seductive limits of art history.

Apparatus 22’s take is critical, fraught with high drama and exuberant with surfaces reminiscent of luxury and glamour: from the lavish vintage textiles used as base for a disturbing series of neo STILL LIFE to the shimmering sequins in the campy VANITY MIRROR (FAMILY PORTRAIT) lightbox, from the refined velvet in the schizoid AN AMERICAN DREAM to the liquid gold fabrics adding yet more ambiguity to the enigmatic TRINITY, TRIANGLE, THREESOME installation.

There are uncomfortable topics and strategic questions about politics, music, sex. For objects and motifs there are sacred spheres, tensions, ambivalences, nostalgia, fatigue and social apathy. A poetic, yet strangely ordinary texture gives sensitivity an exquisite taste. An active display undermines the mechanisms of contemporary art.

Both empathy and disidentification are organizing principles of An Archive of Longings (chapter 1), thus disrupting linearity (of time, of reading, of historical truth).

The Installation Projects

The Installation Projects is a series of exhibitions curated by Liviana Dan at Galeria Calina, a prominent non-profit art space in Timisoara, Romania.
Unfolding between fall 2015 – summer 2016, The Installation Projects highlights the contextual background and information around a term applied in art practices involving the installation and configuration of objects in space.
The totality of objects and space sets up the work of art. It is sometimes a permanent or ephemeral structure yet the installation is rather a production or setup mode, not a motion or style. It represents a subjective experience provided with a certain persuasive power. The priority of the installation consists in the reflexive identity of the work of art.
The artists invited by curator Liviana Dan for solo shows in The Installation Projects are: Iulia Toma, Vlad Nancă, Apparatus 22 and Aurora Kiraly.


Galeria Calina – Str Marasesti nr 1-3, 300086 Timisoara, Romania
22 January – 26 February, 2016