ON: DOPO, DOMANI – Ludovica Carbotta and Adelita Husni Bey in Bologna

Adelita Husni Bey, Quattro atti sul lavoro, progetto per ON 2016


Dopo, Domani (curated by Martina Angelotti) is the title of the 6th edition of ON, a contemporary art project that invites Italian and international artists to produce site specific works, actions and performances in the public spaces of Bologna.

This year ON invited Ludovica Carbotta and Adelita Husni Bey to challenge, in different but complementary ways, the public and social sphere of art, opening a reflection on the future.
Future as a physical space in which to set long-term thoughts, future as an antidote to a perspective which is terrified by the economic crisis, a lack of work, the secessionist policy that is staging furious clashes of civilizations and the humanitarian catastrophe that in the meantime is taking place.
Future as an idea to see a possible landscape involving a city, in a world that is much larger.

An unusual perspective on the urban environment is the starting point of the installation Monowe by Ludovica Carbotta who, together with ON, continues her research on a physical exploration of the city and on the way its inhabitants make use of it. Through a dialogue between real and imagined architectural forms, the artist conceives a future city built in height, which dominates the existing urban areas and is designed to be inhabited by one person only.

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On the other hand, the public event Quattro atti sul lavoro by Adelita Husni Bey proposed an imaginary assessment of the possible development of the concept of work in the next 25 years.

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On the occasion of Arte Fiera 2016, the 30th and 31st of January at Palazzo d’Accursio, a unique collective working session involved a group of 20 “temporarily unemployed” people, identified through an open-call, aiming at answering important questions about the inevitable changes in the employment sphere, through the modality of the focus groups, open and accessible to all.

Dopo, Domani ON 2016 is part of Obiettivo “Paesaggio Bologna” by Comune di Bologna, that Città Metropolitana has presented to Regione Emilia-Romagna in the frame of L.R. 37/94 ON is made possible thanks to fUNDER35 with the collaboration of Comune di Bologna and in the frame of ART CITY Bologna 2016

Ludovica Carbotta. Monowe, progetto per ON 2016


Ludovica Carbotta’s installation will remain on display until the 28th of February 2016 in the outdoor location at Parco Cavaticcio in Bologna.