Nobuyoshi Araki ‘2THESKY, my Ender’ at Taka Ishii gallery, Tokyo

Why “2THESKY” ? “To” or [the Japanese character] “?” are not correct. It must be “2”. As I have said before – photographs are an imitation of reality and life, the counterfeit of reality, not creation. Therefore, a photograph is a secondary thing. I do everything with a spiritual feeling. I wrote something into the sky, because I had the feeling that I would like to create “another sky that is mine”. This makes me think about death and life. If one becomes heavier, the other one becomes heavier too. With the premonition of death comes the desire for life, the lust to live. This book is my “posthumous work”, but maybe it is not finished yet, maybe from now on life is going to begin. I am crossing the rainbow bridge, ah! I am falling…..

Nobuyoshi Araki, October 2010