CINQUE MOSTRE: Parallel events in Rome

Cinque Mostre at the American Academy in Rome will be enriched with two new site-specific appointments.

Temenos: will take place outdoors on the 3rd of March 2016 at 6.00 pm at the Tempietto di S. Pietro in Montorio. 

Composer Nina C. Young will be presenting Temenos, a performance in collaboration with choreographer Miro Magloire, involving dancers Elizabeth Brown Hudec, Daniela Gianuzzi and photographer Simone Ghera. The piece for two dancers and a violin, specifically developed in relationship to the Tempietto di S. Pietro in Montorio, addresses the union of sound and movement in relationship to architecture, space and time. This project is a first step in creating a “vocabulary” database of simple gestalt sound-movement couplings that will then be codified into a syntax that can be used in increasing complex compositional and improvisational environments. 

TRANSLATIO: published by NERO, will be presented on 17th of March at the American Academy in Rome.

TRANSLATIO is a collaborative publication proceeding from artist Emily Jacir’s Via Crucis, the newly-completed permanent installation commissioned by artache at the church of San Raffaele in Milan. Uniting the artist with two scholars of the Medieval Mediterranean, John Lansdowne and Christopher MacEvitt, the book illustrates the movement of objects, images, people, and place between Palestine and Italy.

On the occasion of both events the American Academy in Rome will provide exceptional opening hours for Cinque Mostre from 5pm to 8pm.