Soffio che Scotta by Francesco Cavaliere at Marsèlleria in Milan


Marsèlleria presents Soffio che Scotta, the first solo show in Italy by Francesco Cavaliere, an imaginative sound environment installed in Marsèlleria’s new space and curated by Xing/Live Arts Week.

Soffio che Scotta is a small opening onto an undefined number of stories, legends and beliefs developed alongside the saga Gancio Cielo. Started as a form of writing for a sound story and published as two vinyls by Hundebiss Records – the first released in 2015 and the second presented on the occasion of his show in Milan – Gancio Cielo assembles a fantastic universe which exists in the dimension of sound, where the primary source is voice, woven with an archive of home-made sounds with a science-fiction feeling.
Francesco Cavaliere guides his visitor in spaces populated by strange creatures inhabiting a non-defined universe: hybrids of minerals, animals, plants, planets, trails, cosmic objects, physics and perceptual phenomena are presented in a dense unfolding of events, a saga of mythical dynasties and extravagant singularities.
After its first installation in Bologna on the occasion of Live Arts Week 2015, Soffio che Scotta represents the last and extended evolution of a journey in which the materials of Gancio Cielo fully manifest themselves visually, thanks to a series of objects, figures and forms animated by beams of light and electric motors.

“In Gancio Cielo they say that the hand of a semi-god turned into stone, a poisonous
graft acting on the narration and the geography of the story. The first insertion of the
Asath on the soil generates strange viral forms, heroes amplifying its effect, heroes
fighting against it.
a bit further out there was a group of constructions,
semi-decadent, activated by the material they were built with.
They say a man stared at them so long he turned into a sculpture.
An explosive material…sensitized to two thirds

with those they build the houses you see in the distance
with the stones of imploded men, those hypnotised by dint of staring…
there lived two members of the group which… with time
specialised in pushing comets back into air.

Soffio che Scotta is the space for the mise en scène of a fantastic and nocturnal narration, where figures descending from an imaginary universe suspended between alchemy and science-fiction emerge. The literary references range from Dino Campana to William Alexander, from Tommaso Landolfi to Octavia Butler, from Yeugeny Zamyatin to Oreste Fernando Nannetti, author of one of the most extraordinary examples of Art Brut in Italy. He used to sign his letters defining himself at once “astronautical mining engineer,” “nuclear safebreaker’” and “Nannettaicus Meccanicus – saint of the photoelectric cell.” The exhibition will be open until the 1st of April and on the 10th and 23rd of March it will host two live sessions in which the author will perform the two chapters of Gancio Cielo in a reading/sound intervention.

Marsèlleria – via privata Rezia 2, Milano
Opening Thursady 10 March 2016, 7pm
10 March – 1 April 2016,

Reading/sound performance: 10 and 23 March 2016,  7pm