Ottaven live at Sonnenstube Offspace in Lugano

Ottaven live at Sonnenstube Offspace  tonight (Wednesday the 16th of March 2016) at 6.30pm. Ottaven has been working as a musician since 2003. This is the music alias of Canedicoda who, in turn, comes from a long experience under a cloud of parallel identities and collaborations with other bands like With Love, WW, Lago Morto, Nastro Mortal, Magic Towers, Utat, and Forum I. Ottaven, a solo project, has produced several audio cassettes, cd-rs and has played throughout Europe.

Ottaven is the name I chose for my intimate relationship with sound. Music is sound – or silence – the bearer of sensations. Sound is physical, the medium which carries messages and meanings. I find it important to be repetitive, to dig and insist in actions. I reflect on the idea of the weight of verbal/sound language in our life: as language and the message are linked to tones. Digressing: I more willingly trust and embrace body language than the verbal. Sound & body language are honestly and authentically intertwined. Through my music I try to tell you something of my hearing incorporated with concentration and improvisation.

- Ottaven



Sonnenstube Offspace – via Luigi Canonica 12 –6900 Lugano
Wednesday 16 March 2016 from 6.30pm