dead among the dead! at Ellis King in Dublin

Ellis King is delighted to present dead among the dead! including the work of ten artists from various generations and cultural deposits.

dead among the dead! thematically engages with spirituality, religion, mysticism, other-worldliness, and fantasy. The artists exhibited share commonality in their respective comprehension of a wider spiritual plane; in most instances, are not of this life or of our unified corporeal existence. Our collective yearning for otherness is hard fraught with this disparate void between what is real and what is intuitively felt or conjured in our minds. We ought not be afraid in this spiritual journey; life, in its broadest term, is as we mean it to be.

From dawn ’til dusk; drunk on potion. Baudelaire cries green tears; flooding the astral plane. A shooting star alights the black vacuum above. His weary body, meandering through the forest clearing, encounters his mirrored reflection to another portal. His aching feet through thick fleshy hyde hesitate before him. Therein his tombstone lies with his epitaph inscribed. A gargoyle reasons with him and offers sympathy. The Devil sighs. His guardian Knight nowhere to be seen. The wolves come out shadowing the campfire. Howl howl howwwwwwwllllll!!! The Grateful Dead awaken. Dead among the dead, She said, dead among the dead!

Ellis King – unit 7, white swan donore avenue Dublin 8, Ireland
16 March – 23 February 2016