1/2.3.4… at Norma Mangione Gallery in Turin

installation view: 1/2.3.4…, Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin 2016


Norma Mangione Gallery presents 1/2.3.4…, an exhibition made in collaboration with Giorgio Maffei. The title refers to the ideas of edition and numeration typical of artists’ graphic works, with all their possible forms. Within such frame and thinking around the idea of the artist’s multiple, eight artists have been invited to produce an edition using different printing techniques, from silk-screen to etching, from risograph to digital printing.

The exhibition takes on another dimension thanks to a series of artist’s books from Giorgio Maffei’s archive, from Twentysix gasoline stations by Ed Ruscha, to Dimanche. Le journal d’un seul jour by Yves Klein and more.

Through connections and correspondences, each edition is placed alongside a selection of artist’s books, thus giving shape to eight independent chapters that, all together, create a unique narration.

Editions by Francesco Barocco, Michael Bauer, Raphael Danke, Daniel Faust, Jochen Lempert, Francesco Pedraglio, Stefanie Popp, Ruth Proctor.

Artist’s books by Alighiero Boetti, Francesco Clemente, Francesco Clemente and Raymond Foye, Max Ernst, Hans Peter Feldmann, Gilbert & George, Roni Horn, Asger Jorn, Yves Klein, Annette Messager, Hermann Nitsch, Luigi Ontani, Giulio Paolini, Raymond Queneau, Ed Ruscha, Emilio Villa.

installation view


installaton view


Yves Klein, Dimanche. Le journal d’un seul jour, Klein, Nice 1960


Gilbert & George, Side by Side, Art for All, London 1972;
Gilbert & George, Dark Shadow, Greenwood, London 1976


Hans-Peter Feldmann, Telefonbuch, AQ Verlag, Dudweilrt 1980


Ed Ruscha, Twentysix Gasoline Stations, The Cunningham Press, Alhambra 1967;
Ed Ruscha, The Sunset Strip, self-published, Los Angeles 1966


Daniel Faust, Barack Hussein Obama/Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Museo delle Cere, Rome 2016
c-print, 40,6 x 30, 4 cm, ed. of 30 + 3 AP


Roni Horn, You are the weather, Scalo, Zürich 1997


Norma Mangione Gallery – Via Matteo Pescatore 17 10124 Turin, Italy
20 February – 9 April 2016