Taylor Macklin – Fade In: A Tracking Shot at Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Taylor Macklin, an artist-run space based on the outskirts of Zurich, will organize an exhibition, concert and performance program at Istituto Svizzero di Roma in the months of April and May. Instead of using the usual Sala Elvetica exhibition space, Taylor Macklin’s program will take place in the private areas of the annex building, the Dipendenza: spaces usually closed to the public, or marginal, or walk-through.

Observing the architecture the Dipendenza, its everyday life and the use of the spaces Taylor Macklin will apply these factors as structural elements of their series of exhibitions and events. They will generate a story-line in which the narrative is structured by the rooms in which the stories take place. The invited artists by Taylor Macklin share an interest in self-organized exhibitions, magazines and other alternative forms of presentation and distribution of different kinds of information and artistic production.

The opening night will begin with the performance Opening Speech by Studio for Propositional Cinema, which also defined the title for Taylor Macklin’s project: Fade In: A Tracking Shot for the program in Rome, and Fade Out: Someone, In The Silence, Is Moving for the simultaneous program at Taylor Macklin’s space in Zurich. Applying terminology drawn from cinema, the title suggests to perceive the program like a movie; shifting scenes, characters and locations throughout a given period of time.

The program will begin with the group exhibition No Hope, No Fear set up in one of the private apartments of the Dipendenza. The exhibition is organized by New York-based artist Daniel Peterson and includes a site specific installation by Rose Salane as well as art works by Marco Barrera, Ian Markell, Emma McMillan, Johann Neumeister, Eric Schmid and Roger Van Voorhees. The artists will live in the apartment and in keeping with the way Taylor Macklin’s space is run in Zurich, the exhibition will be open by appointment only (calling or texting): +39 348 32 71 631

The second exhibition, entitled Studentenstadt, by JAZZ BAR, an artist-run space in Munich will open on the 15th of April. Vienna based artist Sarah Ortmeyer will work on a site-specific installation that will be presented on April 26. The exhibitions will be accompanied by further performances and concerts by Battle-ax and Dawn Mok, UOM and POOL, a pop-up bar run by a group of artists to support the program of their self-managed exhibition space UP STATE in Zurich.

The project will be accompanied by an online calendar taylormacklin.istitutosvizzero.it organized, edited, designed by Taylor Macklin and graphic designer Ronnie Fueglister, that will be finalized in a publication, released on the closing event on May 6.


1 April – 6 May, 2016
No Hope, No Fear
Group exhibition with:
Marco Barrera, Ian Markell, Emma McMillan, Johann Neumeister, Daniel Peterson, Rose Salane, Eric Schmid and  Roger Van Voorhees
Opening April 1, 6.30pm

Signage by Studio for Propositional Cinema

1 April, 2016
Opening Speech by Studio for Propositional Cinema

15 April – 6 May, 2016
Exhibition by JAZZ BAR
Opening April 15, 6.30pm

15 April, 2016
Concert by Dawn Mok & Battle-ax

26 April – 6 May, 2016
Site-specific installation by Sarah Ortmeyer
Opening April 26, 6.30pm

May 5, 2016
A Plastic Island of the Mind
Starship no. 14, Spring 2016
Magazine release, 6.30pm
Drinks by POOL

6 May, 2016
Taylor Macklin Fade In: A Tracking Shot 
Book launch, 6.30pm
Drinks by POOL
Concert by UOM, 8.00pm

Ian Wooldridge, Loose Homme

No Hope, No Fear, press release


No Hope, No Fear, flyer


Studio For Propositional Cinema



Ros Salane, High From The Other Side, installation view, 2015


Rose Salane, The Objects We Dated, 2016


Daniel Peterson, You Remind Me of My Self, 2016


Istituto Svizzero di Roma – via Liguria 20, Rome
Opening reception 1 April, 6:30pm
1 April – 6 May, 2016