People in a Building without a Building at the ex Guarmet building in Milan


24 hours before the demolition of the ex Guarmet building will give rise to a new apartment complex, People in a Building Without the Building presents a multifaceted art show in the form of collective and simultaneous performances, interventions, sound pieces and dj set.

The ex Guarmet building has, for many years, been an important production site for molds and accessories for bijoux and the fashion industry. Having closed only a couple of months ago, the spaces still breath the spirit of an intense swarming of hands, machines and appliances that fed the large working areas. This suggestive atmosphere, shiny and precious, of hard work and ingenuity is the basis on which People in a Building Without the Building is configured.

People in a Building Without the Building takes its title from a series of drawings by Aldo Giannotti. The Italian artist uses drawing to imagine possible scenarios for interventions and actions involving people and spaces. The iconic allusion that the title and drawing help us imagine, leads us to think architecture itself as a mobile/movable space, open to interpretation and a malleable device on which to construct diverse thoughts and actions.

With the demolition of the ex Guarmet building imminent, the former production site becomes a place for actions that will continuously reconfigure its spaces and structural dynamics. The interventions by the artists involved, collectively give live to a choir of alternate voices and practices, often (re)thought specifically for the location in question.

From 8pm on Friday 8 April until 8pm on Saturday 9 April, the building transforms into a multi leveled stage where performances and interventions alternate daily and nightly.

Line up: Giorgio Di Salvo / Davide Giannella / Marco Fasolini; RELAAXXX > Matteo Erenbourg / Pilippo Cali and special guest

*break from 3am – 10am

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Ex Guarmet Building
Friday 8 April – Saturday 9 April, 2016